Helping Haiti


One way to help in Haiti is to give to the Haitian people and its healing and its reconstruction by contributing to Haiti Partners

I recently read the memoir of working in Haiti by Kent Annan (Following Jesus Through the Eye of the Needle: Living Fully, Loving Dangerously
), and he is with Haiti Partners.
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  • T

    The web is a funny thing. I went to highschool with Kent. (We even shared a room and endured some very mild hazing together at basketball camp.) He’s also very close friends with our main pastor and my good friend at church, and the three of us have met up a couple of times since he began working in Haiti. But I had no idea he had written a book! I’m really glad, and now I have a must-purchase for my birthday.

  • Richard

    Sorry for not following blog etiquette and hijacking:
    Another great group is the Mission of Hope ( I lived in Haiti 6 months and worked with them and their clinic is swamped right now. Here’s updates as they’re able:
    Biggest needs according to their US Director are food, water, and medical supplies. With $8500 they can fill and ship large freight containers that are waiting for materials.

  • AHH

    One question in my mind (maybe others here are qualified to answer) is whether, in the short term, more effective use of money for Haiti would be made by organizations that have extensive experience in disaster relief, like World Vision.
    Beyond Borders looks like a great outfit for ministry in Haiti. I just wonder if organizations like that are as able to effectively deliver short-term disaster relief as other agencies that do disaster relief regularly.

  • Lived in Wien!

    Bright Hope International has been working in Haiti for 15 years. Another wonderful organization. The Red Cross is also an option.