How to keep your battery going

From the NY Times by Eric Taub

What are your suggestions for lengthening the battery during the day?

If you’re a recent convert to smartphones, you’re probably still discovering all the amazing things that your new BlackBerry, Android phone oriPhone can do. But one thing you most likely found out right away: the more you do, the shorter your phone’s battery lasts.

While a standard cellphone’s charge can easily go three days or more, many smartphone owners are dismayed to learn that their new mobile toy requires charging every 24 hours, or even more often. It was great that I could use one device — my iPhone — to check my calendar and respond to multiple incoming calls during January’s Consumer Electronics Show, but I paid the price when its battery died at 2 p.m.

The answer was not to desperately search for an electrical outlet to recharge the phone (though I’ve done that) or to consider giving up the phone (done that, too), but rather to figure out a strategy to reduce energy consumption while still having it available for essential tasks. Whether you’re using a laptop or a smartphone, the devices can be tweaked to get the most out of its lithium-ion batteries.

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  • Adam Shields

    I was traveling for work last week. I need all of the things I was doing. So I had three fully charged batteries to get me through the day. And this was with a blackberry that I bought because it had a good battery.

  • Is there an answer to the “How to?” in there? I have a brand new Blackberry battery driving me nuts.

  • Dave

    Have you watched Apollo 13? That movie shows how to think about the power. Remember, the battery is a fixed (nominal) voltage and as you draw out the amps you siphon from the tank….
    It’s about time you people started talking about something real. I was an Engineer for years and what good does that to me now? Now all I think about is God this, Jesus that, ….. Jesus never once talked about the wheel, or a lever, or…hey, he did talk about turning water into wine!…..

  • Mary

    I have a second battery and battery charger for my Android phone. The battery is very slim and would fit in a pocket, wallet or purse pocket very easily. I just charge both each night.

  • Joel

    Apple and probably others have information about conditioning the battery.
    From what I understand…
    1) Make sure your battery is fully charged prior to the first use
    2) Fully discharge the battery about once a month, then recharge. On their computers, Apple even recommends letting the computer sit unused for 5 hours to fully drain any left over charge. Then fully recharge the battery.
    Also, on phones that do wifi as well as wireless phone, turn off the wifi unless you need to use it. The extra radio will use power.
    Having the back light on while reading email, playing games, browsing, etc will use extra energy.