Aksel and Kris on Tampa Bay


"Evolutionary progress, of a sort, right before our very eyes... 😉 I've seen some of ..."

The Bible Tells Us So (RJS)
"Interesting to compare this to Zondervan's 1999 book Three Views on Creation and Evolution. A ..."

The Bible Tells Us So (RJS)
"I think the current works by people like Pete Enns , who are looking into ..."

What Is Needed To Decide?
"Funny how the "teach the controversy" crowd can't even come up with consistent counter offer."

The Bible Tells Us So (RJS)

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  • RJS


  • JoanieD

    I love this photo.

  • http://www.godhungry.org Jim Martin

    What a great picture!

  • http://www.jesustheradicalpastor.com John W Frye

    Do you hear this a lot? “Aksel sure looks like Grandpa Scot?”

  • http://www.theparablelife.blogspot.com Michelle Van Loon

    That is one happy grandma – and grandson!

  • http://www.jesustheradicalpastor.com John W Frye

    You do have to admit that Aksel looks like he is thinking, “Those who propose the theoretical “Q” document for Synoptic studies have a lot of convincing to do.”