Wedgie Award: Eugene Cho


Eugene Cho, one of the world’s most honest bloggers, has earned a Wedgie Award. The Wedgie Award is given to those who make us feel … well… uncomfortable.

First, he preached with his zipper down (discrete picture).
But, second, Eugene preached at a place and he wanted to look all swank and cool, and then buttoned up his coat like this.
For this, brother Eugene, you get a Wedgie Award.
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  • Ann F-R

    I think Eugene has plenty of company! I recall walking down an eastern city street with a friend who happened to be a Wall St Journal reporter, years ago. A couple of women approached us. I didn’t notice anything unusual, but as soon as we passed them, he laughed & said, “when women glance down and smirk, I know to check my zipper.” Sure enough…! I’m sure many folks — including women who’ve experienced something similar — appreciate Eugene’s wry honesty! 🙂

  • Scot,
    Hey, you need to share your most embarrassing story now.
    I felt really good about this talk where this photo was taken and have a feeling that the video will forever be archived amongst the TED talks with my jacket buttoned up like that.
    But I did feel better when one of my commenters shared this:
    “i feel your pain…im still traumatized and dumbfounded about why nobody chose to tell me that for a whole days field trip to the zoo a few years ago with lauren and her class, i had underwear tangled and hanging from my scarf! NOBODY told me!”

  • Scot McKnight

    Eugene, I preached one time with my zipper down — but I had the kinds of slacks that saved me.
    And I did that teaching one day but I was behind a big ol’ pulpit the whole time.
    And I don’t have cool enough coats — like yours — to have that sort of thing happen.

  • When you’re in Seattle, I’ll need to take you to my local Goodwill store. Got that jacket for $4.99. Bam!
    See you at CatWest.

  • AHH

    I don’t suppose misspelling “discreet” is a serious enough offense to qualify Scot for a Wedgie …

  • Kerry Grogan

    I was giving a trial sermon at a small rural church in KY as a seminary student. Afterwords as I stood shaking people out a man came through, pointed at my chest and said “yer padding is coming out…” I looked down and saw that the shoulder pad of my dress had come loose and was working its way out my v-neck dress. Needless to say they didn’t hire me.