Great is the Lord!

I met Ron Highfield in an airport after we had both attended a conference in Cincinnati. Ron is a theologian at Pepperdine, and I will get to speak at Pepperdine this week. But Ron has a good, a very good book, about God called Great Is the Lord: Theology for the Praise of God

. I will be blogging through his book over the next month.

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  • Darryl

    Ah better watch out, Scot–he’s one of those Restoration Movement guys 8^). Just joking. I was referencing some of the comments you had a few weeks back that (unfortunately with some reason) were a bit negative toward Church of Christ/Christian Church folk. There are plenty of responsible RM theologians, scholars, and everyday folk out there who believe in the majesty and the grace of God! Hope you enjoy your stay at Pepperdine. I’ve never had the pleasure to go, so I’m a bit jealous!