From Catalyst to Q

Brad Lomenick, leader of the wonderful Catalyst organization, and Gabe Lyons, leader of the Q conference … both had their conferences within about a week and I was at both. Catalyst was at Mariner’s Church in Newport Beach (first time being there for me) and Q was at the Chicago Civic Opera (first time being there too). 

Not only are these special events for so many Christian leaders in the USA, but they were special for me because in both events I was able to turn over a new leaf about writing projects. At Catalyst West I began to talk about my next book, One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow. It will be out next Winter with Zondervan. It asks what a Christian life looks like if we take discipleship seriously and let Jesus’ kingdom vision shape what discipleship looks like. It might be seen as “Kingdom holiness.” The night before our session at Catalyst, some Origins folks had dinner together and it was great to see everyone: Eric Bryant, Margaret and Leif Feinberg, Dan Kimball and an associate, and April Diaz. Great dinner with some Boddingtons.
One of the highlights at Catalyst for me was the “radio” interview with Brad Lomenick. Good chat and he asked some surprising questions. I met so many people, saw some friends (like Susan Isaacs and Mike Cope), and always look forward to what Catalyst will do next.
At the Q conference, which meant only a train ride for me, we have 18 minutes and I addressed the question “Did Jesus preach the gospel?” I’ve been working on “gospel” stuff so long, and have the guts of a manuscript about ready called In the Beginning was the Gospel, that I felt like I got up on the stage and exploded with ideas … it seemed that every paragraph in my notes needed two hours to explain thoroughly. I surely left some loose ends, and the questions afterwards were time for some of them to be tied together.
I met Tim Keller for the first time; listened to his excellent talk on connecting justification and justice … there is so much to say about the Q event… I spent lots of time with Darren Whitehead, chatted some with Norton Herbst, had dinner with Mark DeMoss and Tyler Wigg-Stevenson … and I better stop now. Too many good sessions, including one with Phyllis Tickle … another good event. Next year’s event is in Portland.
Brad and Gabe … you’re helping all of us. Thanks.

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  • Scot,
    It was a joy seeing you at CatWest and having lunch together. I always enjoy our talks. Here’s hoping you can come visit us in Oxford next year!
    Jim Belcher
    Deep Church

  • Scot,
    I was bummed i didn’t get to talk with you longer at Q. Next time!

  • Sounds like some good conferences.

  • Scott,
    Thanks for your Pepperdine presentation. You gave a very thoughtful view of reading the Bible.

  • preachinjesus

    I was at the first Q here in Atlanta. It was outstanding.
    It was also pretty cursedly expensive. That said I am deeply thankful for the efforts of those at the Fermi Project for putting it together. They’re conversations are right on the edge of what many in the pews (and more than a few in the pulpits) are comfortable with…but I think that is a great thing.
    Q gives me hope for conferences. It isn’t the merchandising extravaganza that other conferences have become. It is elegant in its simplicity and profound in its discussion. I got bored of the other conferences.
    That said I am on a self-imposed conference fast for the next four years and our staff is giving our conference budgets directly to international missions. Doesn’t make us greater than anyone, just what we decided.
    I can’t wait for the text.