The Resurrection of Ministry

Purves.jpgIf you are total pragmatist when it comes to ministry, you won’t like this book. If you are a theologian-pastor type, you may well love Andrew Purves, The Resurrection of Ministry: Serving in the Hope of the Risen Lord

. Purves’ earlier book, which we blogged through, was called The Crucifixion of Ministry: Surrendering Our Ambitions to the Service of Christ
, and this one takes us from Good Friday, coaxes us away from dwelling in a Holy Saturday ministry, and invites us into a Resurrection theology that can reshape ministry.

Pastors: How does Easter impact your pastoral theology? your ministry? your daily life? your preaching? your liturgical practices?

The book must be read slowly to savor the theology, but I want to highlight the progressive steps he walks through for the pastoral theology that dwells in the resurrection:
Focus on Jesus
Rewrite the roadmap of ministry
Become a theologian
Learn how the Lord works
Put ascension day back in place
Sharpen the edge (use present tense for Jesus etc)
Come to terms with a risen, but hidden, Jesus
Become martyrs
Turn your eyes upon Jesus
Insert Trinitarian words into your liturgical expressions
Trust in the resurrected Lord that your ministry is accepted by God
Let resurrection faith resist evil
Declare in your preaching; preach with conviction
Ministry practices the atonement
Ministry moves also from Easter into Good Friday: crucifixion is praxis.
Intentionally celebrate joyfully
Ministry is a joy
Celebrate funerals in the mood of Easter
Liturgies of forgiveness can be reshaped
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  • Looks very good. We need to be seeking to live as those who are part of this story which continues on. I like much the themes of his two books. The beauty of liturgy in the story of God, and remaining in and living from the heart of it all from the Trinity out to the cross and in the power of the resurrection, has a profundity and beauty all its own. I love the terms expressed here. We need to be known as those who balance the lofty along with the down to earth, as Eugene Peterson asserts in his latest book, “Practice Resurrection,” as he works through Ephesians.

  • Richard

    “Trust in the resurrected Lord that your ministry is accepted by God”
    Good and powerful words I needed today. Thanks Scot.
    “Ministry practices the atonement”
    What does that look like?

  • mick

    Thank you for sharing this resource. I somehow missed your first set of blogposts but have read them from your link. What a needed orientation not only for those in ministry but for all the vocations that make up our life in Christ.