Preaching and Worship Collaboration at Elmbrook

I’m teaming up with Mel Lawrenz and the worship staff at Elmbrook for a one-day event that seeks to connect preaching ministry with worship ministry. It’s an all-day event on June 29 at Elmbrook near Milwaukee.

My focus will be the study habits of pastors and then a sermon on James, Mel will speak about creativity with sermons, and then the worship staff will actually put together a worship service on James. But they will make their way of doing this public because they will be planning the worship service during the session — in public — and then we will have a worship service at the end of the day.
Come join us! (But leave your cheesehead hats at home.)
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  • RJS

    ’tis a busy summer for you — cheesehead hats are quite becoming

  • Sarah

    Scot, asking such of Wisconsiners is like asking an asthmatic to leave his inhaler at home.