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  • Joshua Wooden

    I would like to see more data- studies like that can be easily manipulated. Just what is this graph proving exactly? Is this about stock or what? Even so, I am not surprised, and I suspect that further study would only vindicate these statistics. With the continuing rise of the iPod, the introduction of the iPhone (and its comparable quality to other copy-cats), as well as the most recent introduction of the iPad, Apple will only continue to soar. It doesn’t help PC that Mac has almost no viruses, is much more user-friendly, and are more reliable, people are going to realize what I did a few years a go: Mac is the best. Period.
    Possibility: PC, while commonly believed to stand for “Personal Commuter,” actually stands for, “Piece of Crap”? Just sayin’….

  • Deets

    With the lack of any other labels on this map, I’m led to believe that the lines represent the percent increase in the number of users who bought trendy, squinty glasses, shaved their heads and grew a soul patch. Am I anywhere close to right?

  • RJS

    Needs the caption:
    Apple’s soaring stock price has enabled the tech giant to eclipse Microsoft’s $219.2 billion market cap.
    And link (Apple topples microsoft’s throne)
    Fueled though by iPod, iPhone, and iPad…
    Give me my economical, reliable PC … (and my iPhone and iPod).

  • Jeff Moulton

    But the key word there is “reliable”. I’m writing this on my not quite two year old Toshiba that doesn’t run nearly as well as my wife’s five-year old iBook, which just got her through her Master’s degree.
    I guess “reliable” could be a relative term, open to interpretation….

  • Scot McKnight

    Jeff, I totally agree on that one.

  • RJS

    Anyone can get a lemon – we need statistics.
    When Apple comes out with a real tablet (not an overgrown iPod touch (radlab accident?)) I may give it a try.

  • DRT

    I think this is a classic case of one company gaining an advantage through a combination of luck and genious only to retrench and try and defend their position, playing to not lose, over the long term and thereby not actually meeting the needs of their customers.
    For the record, a PC is not a microsoft product but an Apple computer is. MS is the evil empire 🙂
    For the record, the only apple products i own are ipods.

  • Jason

    This has everything to do with apple’s over-inflated stock price (around $250 a share I believe) since market-cap is the number of shares multiplied by the stock price. While Microsoft’s stock sits in the 20-30 dollar range. This is despite the fact that Microsoft has more products, sales, employees etc… But investors believe that Apple has more “upside” so their stock soars. This just illustrates the unreasonableness of the market and stock prices. It’s based not on long term sustainability but who is hot right now. Just my 2 cents.

  • Jason

    Oh, I forgot to add an article link that explains what is going on quite well. Look at the total sales and profit numbers in the article, Microsoft far-surpasses Apple yet Apple’s stock soars. I don’t hate apple and I think it they have some great products but I think it is unreasonable for their stock price to be so much higher, it feels more like gambling than investing to see such wild discrepancies.
    here’s the article link in the Seattle Times:

  • kent

    When did Apple become a religion? What fervent disciples.

  • michael

    let me see if I can read that graph correctly:
    Apple products cost 600% more than microsoft to do the same thing?? 🙂

  • steve lewis

    As a Mac/iPhone/iPod user, this might make me grin, but nothing more than that. Market valuation is one legitimate way of looking at things.
    But what about influence? Despite all of “us” hipsters using Apple products, Microsoft still very clearly dominates in this category. What percentage of office computers in businesses all over the world are PCs using Windows and MS Office vs. Macs?
    I’m a satisfied Apple user, but I’ve definitely not taken the bait to build my identity around it in such a way as to care who “wins.”

  • Scot McKnight

    Michael, consider it PA Amish. Pay for the quality! Ha!

  • Scot McKnight

    I can’t equate “influence” with the business world!

  • @Michael
    “Apple products cost 600% more than microsoft to do the same thing?”
    Don’t be a fool. They cost 600% more than Microsoft to do HALF as much.
    Apple is an example of the power of great marketing. Apple followers support their brand than most religious adherents.
    By selling their brand as an aesthetic statement, they cultivated a new breed of loyalists, who see their choices as an extension of their self-worth. As such, they are able to impose functionality limitations (think iTunes/iPod) that more value-oriented consumers would never tolerate.
    Look at the release of the iPhone. One of the worst phones ever hit the market, it nonetheless has millions of customers eagerly defending it.
    Think about the impact of this. Not only do you have loyalists spouting trademarked catch-phrases (“there’s an app for that”), but you create an atmosphere where criticizing the brand is not tolerated.
    Imagine getting frustrated with yet another dropped call at work. You are forced to keep it to yourself, lest you offend any co-workers (or superiors) who happen to be Apple loyalists. Even a simple sigh can create enormous ill-will among those who have internalized the brand. They will take it as an implied criticism of their own skills and abilities.
    I’m a business owner on a PC, and if my client is an Apple devotee, I’m already giving off a negative impression. PC owners don’t have the sort of loyalty such that the use of a Mac discredits anyone. It would almost be in my best interest to drop a couple of grand on the latest 1.33 GB iWhatever just to take notes at certain meetings, though I’ll also bring a pen and paper, cause word processors run too slow on a Mac for realtime typing.
    This is why companies need to spend more money on advertising. Microsoft should have nipped this in the bud a long time ago by working with IBM to create a pretty red computer in the 1990s. Alas, back then, nobody thought people would make such an expensive decision based on aesthetics.
    This is why investors see so much potential.
    Also, Mac users bragging that they don’t get viruses is like Salt Lake City bragging that it has never seen a terrorist attack.

  • Bob Smallman

    What do you mean, “When did Apple become a religion?” It’s ALWAYS been a religion! I have been “winning people to Mac” for years!

  • “Look at the release of the iPhone. One of the worst phones ever hit the market, it nonetheless has millions of customers eagerly defending it.”
    You’re joking, right?
    Seriously? Perhaps measured by phone functionality (but even there, visual voicemail, one-tap click on map/contact, etc.…, many features not enjoyed by other mobile phones).
    Maybe because I value the PDA (calendar, note taking, voice memos), mobile internet, calendar and app features more.
    Recently vacationed with my folks who marveled at the iPhone capabilities. Granted, Android phones are now just as full featured, but to call i one of the “worst phones”?
    “Apple is an example of the power of great marketing. Apple followers support their brand than most religious adherents.”
    Maybe there’s more than brainwashing going on.
    Apple zealots annoy me too, but I prefer the Mac platform (mainly because of the power of *nix in a elegant desktop GUI package, unlike raw Linux of power of Ubuntu, Mandrake, etc.…) because it is (a) much more reliable, (b) used machines have greater resale value, (c) immune to viruses (still, in 7+ years since switching, still have never seen a Mac virus, though, here at work site, countless PC machines rewiped and lots of man hours spent to deworm even with network virus protection, and (d) makes computing a much more joyful experience (most things just work). Admittedly, it’s not computing nirvana, it just sucks less than the alternatives IMO.