A Time to Think

It’s the time of the year in Swaziland when the summer heat is rising and the children at Mabanteneni will begin to have even more needs. It’s a time we think again about how we can help these kids.

Through our Jesus Creed community, we have sponsored 21 children which is awesome.  We have 4 more to sponsor (which will total 25) before Tom Davis and HopeChest give us the next challenge of helping out with Care Point needs in Mabanteneni.  I will explain these needs on the next Mabanteneni post.

Will you consider supporting Mabanteneni’s community of orphans and pastors and Go-Gos who care for the local kids? (Please click and check out the kids.)  If you click on the link, you will see the 4 children who remain to be sponsored.

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