In my next book, called One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow, I map the path from kingdom vision to church vision. One of our mistakes is to get to church vision before we catch the One.Life vision of the kingdom. The kingdom vision of Jesus is the Dream vision of God for this world, and the church takes its cues from the kingdom vision.

What God has planned can be called the dream of God, and God made us to give our One.Life to that dream of God. Jesus called that dream the kingdom of God. Are you ready for the One.Life challenge?

At the core of every dream you have,
Behind every dream you have,
Ahead of every dream others have,
And in the center of every good dream every human has …
We will find the kingdom dream of Jesus.
We are designed to give our One.Life to that dream.

For now forget “church” and forget “Sunday morning service” and forget “Christians” and forget church history’s major mistakes, and for right now just connect these terms: Jesus and dream and your One.Life.

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  • http://www.crackedvirtue.com Brian M

    Could you rush this? I’m preaching on it this Sunday.

  • Randall

    This looks to be an exciting read. This thought has occupied my thoughts lately.

  • http://www.twitter.com/darosi Daniel S.

    Hi Scot, this looks great. I have a couple of questions:

    – will you release this in hardcover?
    – how many pages?

    Thank you.

  • smcknight


    Thanks. Well, I assume it is hardcover or clothbound. On pages, 200+.