Small Faith, Great God

Tom Wright’s newest book is called Small Faith–Great God. The new book is the re-issue of a book published originally in 1978 and it is a book of Tom’s I had never heard of, nor can I remember Tom referring to it in any of his other books.

The book could be a welcome Christmas present, or just a book to sit around near your reading chair so you can sit down a read a chapter in a quiet spell.

It is a collection of sermons: short, accessible, and early-Tom-Wright. Devotional, thoughtful, suggestive.

This book will encourage us to shift our focus from ourselves onto our great and glorious God, contemplating whom and trusting in whom can overwhelm our doubts and worries. This book is not an argument or a case for something but a collection of sermons gathered round a set of themes. His chapter on learning to love Paul is one more need to hear today.

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  • Clay Knick

    Just got it from IVP.