I got a package the other day, opened it up, and there it was — copies of One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow are now at Zondervan will begin shipping — including to Amazon — next week. I’m excited, and hope this book will get under the skin of the many people who need it.

The subtitle sums it up: Jesus Calls, We Follow.

The problem? Shabby, flabby conceptions of what it means to be a Christian. In this book we attempt to define the “Christian Life” by giving the podium to Jesus.

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  • rjs


  • Jim Martin

    Really looking forward to not only reading the book but recommending it to many others.

  • Henry Zonio

    Will there be a Kindle version?

  • smcknight

    Henry, yes there will be a Kindle version.

  • Tim

    Congratulations on the new book Scot :)

  • DRT

    How about audio (I realize that is like satan worship here, but I am a follower of spoken word)

  • smcknight

    DRT, yes, Zondervan has someone doing that.

  • Clay Knick

    Very good news. I saw where Publishers Weekly liked it a lot. Looking forward to it a lot.

  • Ted M. Gossard

    Good!Looking forward to it.

  • Jamie Arpin-Ricci

    Well done, Scot. It’s on my wish list! Good thing Christmas is coming.

  • Danny

    Comparing Bonhoeffers ‘The Cost of Discipleship’ to this book? Whoaw, who came up with that Scot? Big shoes to fill :)

  • Patrick Mitchel

    Looking forward to a good and probably uncomfortable read Scot. Came across this quote from Jonathan Bonk the other day .. “It is clear that Christianity was never designed to make people comfortably at ease with wealth and power. Nor, predictably has genuine discipleship ever been widely popular among the rich.”

  • Terry

    Very excited about this book! I’m already recommending it and we are waiting for the pre-ordered copies to arrive for our bookstore.

  • Jeff

    Looking forward to reading it, Scot. Blessings.

  • Nick

    I just read the sample chapter and am totally stoked about this book!

  • Nick

    PRE-ORDERED! I hope it doesn’t take these puppies too long to make their way to Toronto.