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I got this letter from a reader:

I’ve been following your blog via RSS for a few years and really enjoy it.  Wondering if you’d consider a post (maybe a Top Ten List?) on recommended religious journals.  I realize “religious journals” is a pretty broad category (church history, theology, hermeneutics, etc.) but maybe you could refine it in some way.  I work at a small school and we’re reviewing how best to spend our library budget–getting some input from yourself and/or Jesus Creed readers on what they recommend would be very useful.

Journals are a mainstay for recording the results of detailed, specialized focused research. I have long been a subscriber to a number of journals, as well as some magazines that are much less specialized. My own shelf space has led to some cutting back on subscriptions, and the reason is very simple: journals are like a slow growing disease. Eventually it (and they) can take over.

I list here what I subscribe to (and either read or scan), and I’ve listed them in random order.

Journal for the Study of the New Testament

Expository Times (keeps me up with UK stuff)

New Testament Studies

Catholic Biblical Quarterly

New Testament Abstracts: summaries of all journal articles in New Testament studies

Currents in Biblical Research (co-editor; articles on the state of the art in specific Biblical and Judaism studies)

Journal of Biblical Literature

Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus

Now three for reading in broader topics:

Hedgehog Review

Books and Culture

Christianity Today

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  • Interesting list and one I would subscribe to as well. I would add 2 or 3 more Pentecostal ones also.

    I wonder what your esteemed commenter’s think of you subscribing to the Catholic Quarterly… I for one am impressed with the level of scholarly thought in it and have no problems with it.

  • Chuck Eklund

    No Covenant Companion? Maybe you don’t classify it as a journal?

  • Phillip

    One of my great regrets is that for bugetary reasons we have cut back a great deal on the journals we get in our library. We have access to most through ATLA, but I miss going in, collecting a pile of journals, and perusing the articles. I stumbled across things I wasn’t looking for but were helpful to me or colleagues.

  • Rick in TX

    Chuck #2 – for me the Companion is more like a family newsletter than a journal.