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  • Can’t See What the Fuss is About

    This is very pedestrian and unremarkable, both instrumentally and vocally. For exceptional Christmas music, try Kemper Crabb.

  • Kenny Johnson

    He has several Christmas CDs that came in a box set. It’s very good. Highly recommended.

  • Favorite Christmas music ever. Sister Winter is first choice every time.

  • my brother-in-law, who’s never heard any Sufjan before, thinks this is the best version of the best Christmas song ever. my toddler seems to dig it. and i and my wife are fans.

  • discokvn

    rather hipster of you Scot (c:

    suf’s great, love his stuff!

  • smcknight

    I hope SuperStar sees this!

  • rjs


  • His Christmas boxed set is fabulous. love it. thanks for highlighting it here!

  • I think his version of “O Come O Come Emmanuel” is the best!

  • Jeremy

    There’s always gotta be a drive-by anonymous nose thumb, doesn’t there? haha

    I’m not a huge Sufjan fan, but this is pretty good.

  • Hark! Songs for Christmas! is what the set is called.

    The Christmas stuff is great to listen to, but Sufjan’s Illinois album is pure genius. In other words, you should listen to that.

  • Ah Scot. You’re getting us all Christmassy over here in Dublin. We already have the snow (which is amazing in and of itself). You give us Sufjan’s homemade take on carols. Now all we need is some mulled wine…