Mumford and Sons

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Universalism and “The Devil’s Redemption”

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  • Robin

    I’ve been listening for about 6 months. Their recent album is the best album, top to bottom, I have heard in years.

    They obviously deal with spiritual themes in lots of their songs, so I looked into their spiritual background. It seems the parents of the lead singer are Pastors/Leaders with Vineyard in the UK, but I don’t think the band has ever explicitly embraced any faith tradition.

  • Kenny Johnson

    Love them. My favorite album of 2010.

  • Robin

    Sorry, posted before I watched the clip. I have never seen them perform an explicitly Christian song before, though all their songs are pregnant with spiritual themes. Musically, they are the only band besides maybe the white stripes and black keys that I would travel to see.

  • Whoever pushed you onto Mumford deserves the gold star of the day Scot.

  • tjc

    Goodness. Sufjan and Mumford in the same week. Hip indeed!
    Ditto on all the above comments. They are THE standout group of 2010.

  • Matt

    I was just watching this very video last night after looking for a video of sufjan’s version of Come Thou Fount(I think my favorite “Christmas” song).

  • Tim Gombis

    These boys are brilliant! Their recent album is just gorgeous, very artfully done.

  • discokvn

    what’s next St. Vincent?

  • Also love their song HOLD ON TO WHAT YOU BELIEVE. It’s not on their most recent album. If you can track it down, you’ll enjoy it. Good stuff.

  • Nick

    @Robin (1) – at least one of the band is an active Christian, he attends the same Church as me in London

  • There are a few Sufjan arrangements from Hark! Songs for Christmas that we sing in corporate worship. This is one of them. The congregation (especially the kids) loves singing the la las. Smiles all around

    We also do “Holy, Holy, Holy” off of volume 5. Absolutely beautiful. Also, “Joy to the World” and “We Three Kings.” His instrumental riffs in all of these songs are ingenious and fresh.

    We have also done a modified version of “Put the Lights on the Tree” with the kids, while the preschoolers decked a tree with lights and candy canes.

    And we recently began doing a modified version of Mumford’s “Awake My Soul.”

    These folksy tunes sure beat Tomlin!

  • megan

    Also my favorite album of 2010. Love these guys.

  • rjs

    Ok, this one I’ve got to look into more, off to Amazon…

  • Jeremy

    RJS – Their most popular song, Little Lion Man, is brilliant though it uses the F-word repeatedly. I would hazard that it’s an appropriate use, but I’m not particularly sensitive to the word.

    Also, any non-country band that uses a banjo gets my vote automatically.