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Entitlements (by T)

T is a lawyer friend of this blog, as many of you know. Here is a post on entitlements. Let me say how much I appreciate this sort of post, and how so many step to write posts for the blog. It is this that makes up the Jesus Creed blog. Many people are concerned [Read More…]

Doubt, an Essay by Pete Enns

Doubt is no small dimension of the faith of many Christians. The sadness of doubt is that pain and anguish experienced by the doubter is often compounded by other Christians who can’t comprehend it — or who condemn it as an unworthy Christian condition. Those who have experienced doubt, as I have said here before, [Read More…]

God is in the Manger

I will be posting about Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s God Is in the Manger: Reflections on Advent and Christmas , edited by Jana Riess. The first week of Bonhoeffer’s book about Advent ponders the first week as Waiting. Jesus comes to us not only at Advent but also in the form of the beggar … “He confronts [Read More…]


Do you think the WikiLeaks actions are good for world peace? Why or why not? John Kerry comments on the WikiLeaks: Sen. John Kerry the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, called the disclosure “reckless.” “This is not an academic exercise about freedom of information and it is not akin to the release of [Read More…]

Advent Arising in Ordinary Places

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Christ is Coming: Christine Sine

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Which of these is the best?

Jailhouse Rock, by Mr Elvis Presley: Always on my Mind [Read more…]

The British Invasion

Dave Clark Five, Because Because [Read more…]

Herman … the other one

You gotta love this one: And this one (but Herman needs some dance lessons; his hair looks like the Bieber guy): But, seriously, how did this one make it? [Read more…]


Remember this band? What were you doing when you hear them? I was in junior high. I wonder if “SuperStar” has even heard of this excellent band. [Read more…]