The Bowl Schedule

Good grief, too many games, but here they are:

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  • rjs

    When Bowl games moved past Jan 1 (or possible Jan 2) I stopped caring. This is stupidity.

    Now – my husband and son will be rooting for Oregon all the way on Jan 10. They may suck me in despite my best intentions. (Go Ducks!)

  • Jeremy

    Go FSU!

    Also, that list makes me terribly sad. Is this a football schedule or a random list of corporations?

  • rjs



  • Kenton

    Right with RJS on the post-New Years thing.

    But I’m going to be in the Auburn camp for this one. Disdain for PAC-10 > disdain for SEC.

    I’ve always liked the whole Bowl game thing as opposed to a playoff, but this year I’m switching sides. TCU is more deserving than Oregon of playing in that game, and it’s a shame they will be left out.

  • Alan K


    Football moves money. Schools need money. The simple reality of how decisions regarding college football are made.

  • Alan K


    Did you ever play college football? Oregon and Auburn have more of something than TCU has–speed–and believe me when I say that it matters quite a bit. If you want TCU to have a shot then tell your local college president that the credibility of college football is endangered without a playoff. But the fact is the BCS is not interested in handing over millions of dollars to Cinderella.

  • Phillip

    Too many bowls to mean much (other than $ for the school, which I get). And some of the bowl names, come on. Are teams really that proud to bring home the Beef O’Brady or New Era Pinstripe trophy? I used to look forward to New Years Day for the games, but now I watch little. I will, however, tune in for the National Championship game.

    Is anyone else bothered that 6-6 teams can go to bowl games. The 6 win rule made sense when teams played 10 regular season games. They had to have a winning record. Now, in the 12-game era, an even team can go and may have a losing record for the season after the bowl. Perhaps there are too many bowls to require winning teams?

  • Kenton

    Alan K-

    Never played. Mostly agree with your assessment – would add that defenses win championships and I would much rather see TCU try to stop Cam than the Ducks. (Although it will be a lost cause either way.)

    What’s different about this year, is that it’s not just a Non-AQ undefeated team being shut out of the BCS championship, it’s a legitimate dynasty. (OK, maybe that’s stretch, but it’s not much of one.) Last year: undefeated season. Year before: only lost to teams that finished #2 and #4. What more do they have to do to prove themselves worthy for Glendale? In past years a non-AQ team goes undefeated and usually gets exposed as pretenders in a bowl (two exceptions: last year and 2006). I don’t see this year’s frogs as pretenders.

  • Barb

    [I am NOT posting *too fast*–what does that mean anyway?]
    Go PAC-10, Go Ducks.
    however, the whole football machine seems way over the top–just sayin.

  • E.G.

    New Era Pinstripe Bowl? ‘Nuf said.

  • Blake

    Wisconsin is going to steam roll TCU. If only they had had the focus in the beginning of the season that they acquired after the Michigan State loss, they’d probably be playing for the title. Go Badgers!

  • AHH

    Eagerly anticipating some of the thrilling matchups between top teams, like Ohio U. vs. Troy or Fla. International vs. Toledo.

    The bowl system is getting to be like an elementary school athletics meet, where every kid gets a ribbon.

  • Rick

    Go Yellow Jackets!!!!

  • DaveH

    It is all about the $$$, people watch the bowl games so they keep adding more. If people did not watch, they would go away. Football, NFL and college, rules the athletic landscape in America.

    Though I do wonder how many baseball fans complain about too many college bowl games? :)

    A playoff would be nice…perhaps someday.

    TCU never had a chance due to being in the Mountain West Conference. That’s why they joined the Big East which, besides proving it is all about money, makes it easier for them to make a championship game one day.

  • Mich

    It’s madness.
    1. Go to a playoff system
    2. Go back to the old system prior to the BCS championship game

  • Rick


    “It’s madness.”

    Perhaps more like “crazy like a fox.”

    Look at the discussion (year-round) this topic brings up, and despite the negative opinions, college football just continues to gain in popularity.

  • Jeremy

    Alan: I’m aware of the reasoning. It doesn’t mean I have to like it. :p

  • Kenton



    I’ve always thought this system was the worst of both worlds.

  • DerekMc

    I wonder how many bowls there would be without ESPN around?

  • Chuck

    The whole college bowl system has become meaningless, except for all of the TV sponsors and the colleges who are making the big bucks. I guess that’s what it’s all about.

  • Jim Miller

    Actually, many of the best games are in the lower divisions where they actually have a playoff system. Can’t get this weekends quaterfinals on TV. But when it gets to semi-finals/finals, you can watch some good football.