My Recommendation for Christmas

I’ve made my recommendation clear for the very cheap and efficient AeroPress, but I have to make a recommendation for an espresso machine.

I never thought I’d do this. I love my old Rancilio Silvia espresso machine. It’s sturdy and reliable and makes a great espresso. But when we were in Ireland I was given a cup of coffee from a Nespresso machine and was swept off my feet. Kris says I’m a coffee snob. I respond by saying I’ll drink a variety of coffees, even drip if I have to … but I prefer a good espresso and I like it Latte if possible. (I bought the one with the frother.)

That machine in Ireland was so easy and so quick and so efficient and so easy to clean, I got one for my office at school. Perfect. And Nespresso has a system where you can order online or by phone and have capsules at your door within two days. My estimation is that each cup of coffee costs about 60 cents.

Recently Lukas, Annika (with Aksel) and Laura were all here for a number of days and it meant I would either have to spend 30 minutes at the coffee machine every time someone wanted coffee — one request sets off a chain reaction of “Sure, I’ll have a cup too” — or I could bring home my Nespresso machine from my office and let everyone make their own coffee.

Nespresso C110-US-GR-NE CitiZ

It was an absolute hit, I bought one for Lukas and Annika, and now I have to go on public record to recommend a Nespresso coffee machine as a Christmas present.

Especially recommended for RJS! (Ha.)

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  • rjs

    I like a good cup of coffee but the “fitness” landscape is rather flat. (i.e. many kinds are good)

    (Listen to Kris …)

  • Daniel

    It’s pretty. Too rich for my blood though. With a machine like that at work there should be no excuse for you to fall asleep at your desk.

    How about a recommendation on a grinder?

  • chris giammona

    Did you buy the c110 with frother or the c100 (which I have seen advertised)?


  • smcknight

    Chris, mine is like the one pictured. The frother, which is a real gem, is separate. My son’s is connected to the machine.

  • chris giammona
  • smcknight

    Chris, that’s the one my son has — loves it.

  • chris giammona

    One additional question. How is the coffee? I currently use the AeroPress (based on your prior recommendation) and a french press (besides my Salvatore Espresso Machine- a work of art) and enjoy the freedom of using different coffee’s.


  • Phillip

    Gasp! Almost $300 for a coffee machine! That is almost our entire Christmas budget. Of course, the kids don’t really NEED anything. So if the coffee is esp. good…hmmmmm…

  • smcknight

    Chris, excellent coffee. 18 or 19 BAR of pressure and that says it all. Excellent crema. I’ve enjoyed their Livanto and Arezzio coffees.

    Phillip, sell some of those books you don’t read.

  • Been there. Done that. Have that. Love that!

  • Scot,
    I used to use the Silvia, then I was spoiled by using a La Spaziale S1 that was lent to me for several months by a friend that sells espresso machines.

    But now I have no espresso machine, and am in the market (so this post comes at kairos!)

    Is there a legitimate way to froth milk so that you get micro-foam? I’m skeptical of frothing without a steam wand.

    Does it use their own proprietary coffee capsules, or does it accept other brands?

  • scotmcknight


    This frother is much better than my Silvia. Plus, it has a device for micro froth for a cap.

    Proprietary rights so far as I know for capsules. But YouTube shows how to do it for other coffees. I really like their Livanto.