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I don’t even know if you can get to this link and do something there, but I can say that I like how CT now has an online version … it’s cool to navigate around that site.

"Yes I thought it did make sense and was respectful as well..."

Andy Stanley on Mutual Submission
"I think I'd like your dad! And thanks for the kind compliment."

Do The Bible’s Proverbs Promise Too ..."
"TF: (in the genre of gambling lingo) I see your story--and I'll raise you one ..."

Do The Bible’s Proverbs Promise Too ..."

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  • Kenny Johnson

    I wonder if you can print it and read it offline? 😉

  • BradVW

    Not a bad inside cover either:)

  • Bob Smallman

    You can also download a PDF of the entire issue and store it on your hard drive. I had trouble getting set up, but after I emailed their customer service department, they took care of it for me (it took a week or two). Now, with each issue, I get an email with a link to the online issue.