Melting Snow (cheaply)

Did you see this?

If there ever was a sign that we’ve had more than enough snow this winter, here it is.

Bergen County, New Jersey administrators found themselves in quite a pickle this winter. With their plowing budget quickly running dry, they’ve come up with a juicy solution.

Bergen County is just across the Hudson from New York – and despite being among the wealthiest counties in the nation, this winter has busted their budget for snow removal. Road salt comes at a hefty premium, and being only halfway through winter, they’ve invested in a new, and much cheaper, snow melter: pickle juice.

What will be the top three “side effects”?

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  • Pat Pope

    Well, a yellowish-green stain for one. Yech!

  • drewe

    Lower tourism? I know plenty of people who Love pickles, yet if the smell is as strong as it often is, it will be a killer.

    Maybe it can be a double safety bonus – the roads are de-iced (which is safer), but no one will drive anywhere anyhow because they don’t want their car (and therefore garage) being pickled….

  • Steve D

    Potential mecca for pregnant women. County will need to open several new ice cream parlors…

  • steph seefeldt

    i worked in a pickle factory. right next to the brine machine. that’s some pungent stuff. can’t imagine how it will smell when spring comes.

  • rjs


  • Watchman

    First, there was yellow snow. Now, there is green snow!

  • Alison

    @rjs: I’m with you. Yuck.

    But it might just work, and if it does, maybe Chicago can learn a thing or two, particularly with the storm we’ve got predicted to hit us on Tuesday night….not looking forward to that.

  • Susan N.

    Can I have a Big Mac, hold the pickles?

  • Jeremy

    Top three side effects?
    1. Green snowbanks
    2. Cars and clothes that smell of pickles
    3. Tasty, tasty roads…

  • Susan N.

    Jeremy @ #9 – Oh, I see what to do now:

    1. The smell of pickles will make people hungry for a Big Mac. Everyone will be humming the “Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun” jingle.
    2. McDonald’s will see an increase in popularity and revenues.
    3. A collective weight gain of snowbelt residents, because of eating too many Big Macs (and in the case of pregnant women, ice cream)!

    It seems that I heard something about beet juice being used in our locality to de-ice the roads… Interesting.

  • Fred

    I made 54 quarts last summer. Since it’s government, I’ll charge $135.00/jar.

  • jon snyder

    Hopefully it lasts until March.

  • dopderbeck

    I live in Bergen County, NJ.

    At this moment, I am burrying cucumbers in the snowbanks outside my driveway, so that I will have fresh pickles come hamburger grilling season this spring.

    Or, it could be that the reports of pickle juice being used to melt snow in Bergen County have been exaggerated…

  • linda

    pickle-flavored snow cones!

  • Alison

    To Linda: Double-Yuck! I love pickles but that is ridiculous.