No one has a conference like this…

… but we need it.

It’s called the Epic Fail Pastor’s Conference. It’s for failures.

Back in August I wrote a post on the blog called EPIC FAIL Pastors’ Conference. It was an idea (mostly theoretical) that had been stirring in me for a while that I finally found some time (and words) to tell about it.

I was blown away.

Thousands of hits.

Hundreds of emails, phone calls, text messages.

Dozens of comments.

I hadn’t posted anything that came close to the amount of traffic that I’ve gotten to this particular post.

What I found out is this: We had struck a nerve among North American pastors (and even pastors outside the US). Pastors need to spaces to talk about their failure, identity and mistakes – and little opportunity is given or allowed.

As the responses were pouring in – and the numerous people that said they would do what it takes to make this happen – we wondered if this thing might actually have some teeth to it – if we might actually be able to pull something like this off. Could we have enough courage to actually do something that hadn’t been done before?

And so. We decided to go for it.

The EPIC FAIL Pastors’ Conference will be held April 14-16, 2011 in Lansdale, PA (Greater Philadelphia Area).

The cost is $79.

No glossy fliers.

No big marketing budget.

No rental of a large arena – just a gritty bar that used to be a church (but failed).

Just purposeful space to tell stories, reflect, pray (a lot), eat meals slowly, connect with others, listen to others and take communion. We’ll have speakers experts on failure telling stories of their own failures, mistakes, sin, gaffes and screw-ups – and they’ll share how God showed up despite the failure. Hopeful. Rich. Meaningful. Significant.

And as of this morning, the website is up:www.EpicFailPastorsConference.comCheck it out – and read the vision, the hope and the purpose of why we’re hosting such an outlandish event at this location.

Am I involved in shameless promotion of this conference we’re hosting? Of course I am.

Why? Because I’m convinced that so many pastors wrestle with this idea of failure constantly –  and nobody is actually talking about it.

And so, a team of us wanted to change that.

Pastors: I want you here. You belong here. Come spend some meaningful time with us at this event.

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