“Surf and Turf”

Surf and Turf redefined… (From AP)

SEATTLE (AP) – Authorities in Seattle say bovine met the shoreline when beachfront residents found the body of a 400-pound cow washed up by the surf.

Seattle Animal Shelter enforcement supervisor Ann Graves says animal control officers received a report Thursday that the carcass of an adult cow had beached in West Seattle.

The tide later moved it in front of a home.

A Seattle Police Department Harbor Patrol vessel towed the cow to a boat ramp Saturday, where it was loaded onto a rendering truck. Graves say it had no ear tag or other identification.

It’s not clear how it got in the water. Graves say it could have been dumped by owners after it died naturally.

The beached bovine was first reported by West Seattle Blog.

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  • Dana Ames

    Late in 2009, a dead blue whale washed up on the beach in our county, near my home town. Local residents and college students and professors braved the elements and the stench, and carefully cut up the critter for research and preservation of bones, etc. It took a little more than two weeks, iirc.


  • Robin

    400 lbs. sounds awfully small for an adult cow. Either it was a hobby breed, it wasn’t an adult, or it was severely malnourished.

  • Watchman

    That is just udderly amazing.