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One of Geeding’s latest:

A national, conservative non-profit think tank says when it comes to U.S. history standards in school,Texas is worst and South Carolina is first.  It’s OK my fellow Texans.  We didn’t give up when the Germans bombed the Alamo which lead us into WWII, and we ain’t going to give up now.

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Scot McKnight is a recognized authority on the New Testament, early Christianity, and the historical Jesus. McKnight, author of more than fifty books, is the Professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary in Lombard, IL.

  • Watchman

    Ironically, Texas has one of the most unique histories compared to other States in the Union.

  • Jason

    Agreed, Texans believe Texas history is the only US history required. Remember the Republic! And to my friends in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming – Your welcome!

  • Michael W. Kruse

    It’s not surprising Texans don’t know U.S. History. Most Texans I know aren’t that interested in learning about foreign countries.

  • Scot McKnight

    Hoot, hoot, Michael.

  • Chris Crawford

    Conversely, Texans are worried because Texas is first in teaching Texas history and the other 49 states are all tied for dead last.

  • Watchman

    Way to go, Michael. Good one.