My Favorite Muppet Video

Gotta watch this one!

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Willow Elder Of 30 Years Talks
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Willow Elder Of 30 Years Talks
"Eric, I did call attention to it at the time."

Willow Elder Of 30 Years Talks
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Willow Elder Of 30 Years Talks

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  • Rick

    Beaker rolled! Gotta love the similar hair color.

  • rjs

    Yes! This is a great Friday afternoon post.

    Although anything with the Swedish Chef tops my list.

  • joel

    I know this is from the new (second version) of the muppet show but this is still tops on my list…

  • John W Frye

    This is fantastic. I love it. The Muppets are great!

  • Terry

    Hysterical. But, Animal’s in the video — it had to be good. My son drums like Animal.

  • ER

    My favorite one has to be this:

    “…oh Danny boy, oh boy, oh boy…oh boy!”

  • Does this count as a Rick Roll?

  • Dave

    I vote for Gladys Knight and “I Heard it through the grapevine”.

  • Scot McKnight

    Denny, it sure does… gotcha.

  • I love it!

    By the way – is commenter 1 the real “Rick”?

  • PastroM

    A Grammy performance if I ever heard/saw one!

  • MatthewS


    just when you least expect it…

    [oh, patheos, really! comment too short, commenting too fast…]

  • res

    I’m hearing a lot of Fruedian undertones here, Scot. We stand in ministry together with people hurt and disrupted and hoping for solidarity and love from somewhere in life. Its as true with church ministries as it is with alliances between Christian groups, associations and conferences. Right or wrong re Love Wins we all need to allow love to win between us as follows of Jesus. Thx.