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Lectures in Michigan: Join us

This is the press release from Rochester College about the lectures I will be giving with Miroslav Volf. Streaming: Biblical Conversations from the Missional Frontier (May 16-18) Over the last two decades, Rochester College (in Metro Detroit) has hosted compelling conferences bringing together the best of the evangelical and mainline worlds for a conference on [Read More…]

The Future of Media Photography

From The Economist by W.W.: For many years, Mr Hobby was a staff photographer for the Baltimore Sun. Like most papers nationwide, the Sun was thrown into upheaval by the rise of the internet and was forced to slash costs to remain a viable enterprise. In 2008, Mr Hobby accepted a buyout offer and moved on. To [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

Good morning! “Zion, don’t hang on that cross!” Derek on the meal of the Messiah. Trusting the Sunday Story. Too many evangelicals are anti-intellectual and demean doctrine. Allan Bevere on this problem: “We must avoid the two extremes of denigrating the significance of Christian doctrine as if it makes little to no difference for how Christians [Read More…]

Forgiveness: A Brief on its Assumptions

Wilfred M. McClay exclaims that forgiveness implies a moral world. There’s too much sloppy back-slapping (self back-slapping at times) about forgiveness. What say you? Forgiveness can’t be understood apart from the assumption that we inhabit a universe in which moral responsibility matters, moral choices have real consequences, and justice and guilt have a salient role. [Read More…]

More Like Prayer 5

Perhaps the biggest need for Christians in the USA is to develop less of a trust in the federal and state governments and more of a biblical posture toward government. Do you see the government connected to the “powers” or is the government — local, state, federal — neutral? Is it inspired by the powers? [Read More…]

John Woodbridge, Sleuth Historian

Those of us who know John Woodbridge, well-known church history professor at Trinity, know that John’s got a bit of the sleuth in him. He’s not just a historian; sometimes he wanders into detective work. Which he has done in newest book: Hitler in the Crosshairs: A GI’s Story of Courage and Faith. This is [Read More…]

What Difference Does Easter Make?

This is an outline of a talk I gave at Willow Creek last night: What Difference Does Easter Make? Introduction: We tend to be Good Friday in our gospel: Jesus died for us. We tend to be Good Friday Christians too: my sins are forgiven. What good is Easter? What difference does the resurrection make [Read More…]

Adam, Sin, and Death … Oh My 2 (RJS)

The first post in this series, Adam, Sin, and Death … Oh My 1, opened with a question that asked how we learn to think about new challenges in a Christian manner. You could say how we think “biblically,” but that term often seems to be used for rules and prescriptions, extracting the commands from [Read More…]

King’s Cross 10

When I was in college my pastor encouraged me to read G. Campbell Morgan’s The Crises of the Christ, and I did. It was in that book that I first learned to ask the question: Why was Jesus transfigured? Was it for the disciples? for himself? I do not know recall how he answered, but [Read More…]

Green Housing

Is this a good way forward? Who knows about this and can help us? To stand out in a still-sluggish housing market, major builders are starting to sell affordable tract homes that come with solar panels and nearly zero utility bills. On Earth Day Friday, Meritage Homes will begin offering a “net-zero” home that’s designed [Read More…]