Internet Shopping

From The Strategy Web:

How about you? Where do you look for information when it comes to shopping?

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  • gingoro

    For many big items I go to Consumer Report Mag first and then the internet. We don’t get TV and I am too cheap to pay the cable companies 70$ a month.

    For small items like say an extra long USB cable I found a summary of the standard on the web and then searched the web for stores that offer that length.
    Dave W

  • Kenny Johnson

    Internet is my main way of getting product information. I check product specs, reviews, prices, etc online. 2nd to that is word of mouth.

  • I also check out reviews on Amazon as a way of screening products. Their user product reviews are excellent (generally speaking). Don’t get too many magazines anymore and I don’t watch TV for reviews of products.

  • rjs

    I read the internet reviews, especially on Amazon. I read the best reviews and the worst reviews pretty without fail.

    This is an excellent way to find out what is good, and what is bad with a product before purchase.

    A couple of purchases where a later reading of the reviews let me know that the problem I had with each was known and common taught me the value of this kind of research.

  • Sarah c

    Yelp and Angies list are becoming much more popular in our home when looking for restaurants and home services….products have been researched on the net for a while.

  • Terry

    I too do a great deal of product research online particularly on Amazon for the products they carry. I have had very few issues with online purchases over the years and do as much purchasing online as is feasible (over and against driving all around town.)

    But one does need to be careful, I have come to be pretty untrusting of Yelp on the whole, in comparison to other online reviews sites (i.e., Google Places). I’m not sure if it’s the popularity of the Food Network’s battle shows, or American Idol, or a combination of the two, but you have to be pretty discerning to wade your way through preference-rants and the consumer’s bad days to find reviews that are helpful. I’ve watched places get completely buried by these kinds of unaccountable views (I’ve even seen it happen with churches, public reviews of a worship service, wow!)