George Will on Rick Perry

From WaPo:

Mitt Romney, the Republican front-runner, might be easier to elect than to nominate. The reverse might be true of Perry. Is he a wine that will not travel? To win the White House, a Republican must be competitive among independents, including women, in places like Montgomery County outside Philadelphia. Perry — his accent, his Westerner’s body language, those boots — is proof that, in spite of the culture’s homogenizing forces, regional differences remain remarkably durable. But so, too, do regional antipathies, some of which have intensified as voters have become more polarized, partly because of a Texas governor who became president.

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  • Ed Holm

    It continues to occur to me that if Texas withdraws from the Union then Perry will not be a US ciitzen and he cannot run. Of course, we will need to check his birth certificate and see where he was really born…..

  • Dan S.

    Political views aside, Will is one of the best political writers of all time. He crafts sentences with the best of them.

  • Joe Canner

    Ed #1: That is actually a serious issue. Perry said some things in 2009 hinting that he though secession might be appropriate (although he later denied that’s what he meant). He may have been frustrated and exaggerating for rhetorical effect, but even that makes me wonder if he would be a sensible choice for President.

  • Amos Paul

    I completely disagree. Romney has no real electability. He is bland, unmoving, and totally status quo republican. However, his supposed moderate appeal will likely get him support from an ever growing diversity of republicans and get him nominated. Perry’s is a total bush repeat and no one’s going to want to buy that again.

    Whether or not you agree with anything he says, various polls have shown that Ron Paul has the greatest chance of electability amongst these pitifully weak republican candidates with his passionate and diverse support base, but minimal if any chance of nomination.

  • Kenton

    Joe #3-

    Compared to the incumbent -the status quobama – ANYONE is a sensible choice.

  • Dan S.

    Amos @4. That is false. The only current poll showing a Republican defeating Obama head to head has Romney in that position. The same polls all show Ron Paul losing thoroughly to Obama.

  • Jeff L

    As an Obama supporter I can only hope that Perry or Paul is nominated.

  • Amos Paul


    Firstly, I stated that Paul has the greatest chance of electability due to wide and passionate appeal (whether or not Obama can in point of fact be beaten is another story…)

    But I don’t want bandy words about pointless political smoke and mirrors. Paul is a good candidate who actually wants to do good things. Whether Americans and (especially) Republicans can figure that out is up in the air. He has real grassroots support. Romney has greedy corporations fueling his pockets and media exposure (as with any major politician). That is my position. Nevertheless, proof of Paul’s electability–broken up due to spam limits on links.

  • Amos Paul
  • Amos Paul