July 4 Eats

Here’s a couple links for those who are wondering what to eat (or serve) for July 4.

The best hamburgers.

Or some pollo asado instead.

How to make some good summer slaw.

I’ve been fussing about the state of tomatoes in the good ol’ USA for a couple years, and we’re growing some ourselves this summer, but this article explains part of the problem.

And sweet tea (which we called “iced” tea).

Gluten free, tasty popsicles.

And you just might want to read this one — on good foods and not so good foods.

Or this one on food types vs. calorie content.

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  • rjs

    It isn’t the fourth of July without cheeseburgers.

  • http://natomaschurch.wordpress.com Mike P

    I’ve been growing heirloom tomatoes for four years now and the taste is unlike anything you get in the store. The best are Black Prince and Old Virginia. Yummmm.

  • Scot McKnight

    Mike P, can you grow them in the home? Or only in the summer heat?

  • Dana Ames

    Scot, that pollo asado recipe is exactly what Pollo Loco in SoCal sells at their many franchises – but it’s always better made at home, for sure. And I think I am going to get the grinder attachment for my KitchenAid.

    Re tomatoes, I live in perfect (outdoor) tomato growing country. What they need aside from good soil, is 85-90º daytime temps 50º nighttime temps, which I suppose one could supply in a greenhouse or sunny indoor spot. The cool nights are the key. Also, plant marigolds in the soil around your tomato plants; they produce chemicals that repel bugs, esp. tomato worms. I grew tomatoes in my garden for a lot of years, always planted the marigolds, and had only two tomato worms the whole time.

    Happy Fourth to you & Kris!


  • Paul D

    The absolute best burgers are made with ground bison, mixed with a little BBQ sauce to keep them moist. It’s is better than best beef you’ve ever had, and leaner than chicken.

    Of course our traditional July 4th menu is grilled salmon, with dilled potatoes, and peas. Can’t be beat.

  • BradK

    “And sweet tea (which we called “iced” tea).”

    Whenever I’ve heard people from the north (or from a large part of Florida, which is pretty much the same thing ) use the term “iced tea” they are referring to something that is not sweet. In fact if you ask in a restaurant in those locations if they have sweet tea their usual response is “there is sweetener on the table.” Sweetened iced tea is NOT sweet tea. Confusing the two is gravest heresy. ;-)

  • Susi


    I don’t know if I still feel like eating when I see what’s going on in this country. It makes me so sad that we can not agree on whether we should keep the Hamburgers on the table for ‘The Least Of These’ in this ‘rich’ country verses taxing people a little more that earn over $200,000.00 plus a year. I know times are tough even for people that earn only $200,000.00 plus, a year, and they have to tighten their belts just like us who live on $30,000.00/year and less. Maybe we should fast on the fourth and pray that the government finds a way not to cut services like food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare etc. and than we can truly exchange recipies next year and every American can have a Happy Fourth!


  • http://LostCodex.com DRT

    I had the butcher slice some 1.5″ ribeyes today and I bought a cheap $15 charcoal grill so I can have charcoal grilled instead of LP grilled steak. Had one tonight and I am still swooning in its taste… :)

  • http://LostCodex.com DRT

    Dad gave me Grandma’s meat grinder this spring, I may have to give it a try on those burgers.