Jerusalem from Mt Olivet Area

Here are some pictures looking across the Kidron Valley, which runs north and south between the old city of Jerusalem (and the temple mount) and the Mount of Olives. Notice that both sides of the Kidron are filled with tombstones, and descending down the Mount of Olives into the valley and up it shifts from Jewish, Christian and Muslim graves. A picture of an olive tree on the Mount of Olives and then the “beauty” of Gethsemane.

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  • rjs

    Beautiful pictures.

  • wyclif

    Very nice photos, Scot. I went on pilgrimage there in 2007-2008 and met my wife there! Every Christian should make an attempt to visit the Holy Land.

  • EricW

    In your first picture (click to enlarge), you’ll see that the gate (the Golden Gate) in the center of the wall to the City of Old Jerusalem is sealed up.

    From Wikipedia:

    “In Jewish tradition, this is the gate through which the Messiah will enter Jerusalem. Ottoman Sultan Suleiman I sealed off the Golden Gate in 1541 to prevent the Messiah’s entrance. The Muslims also built a cemetery in front of the gate, in the belief that the precursor to the Messiah, Elijah, would not be able to pass through the Golden Gate and thus the Messiah would not come. This belief was based upon two premises. First, according to Islamic teaching Elijah is a descendant of Aaron[3] making him a priest or kohen. Secondly, that Jewish priests are not permitted to enter a cemetery. This second premise is not wholly correct because a kohen is permitted to enter a cemetery in which primarily non-Jews are buried such as the one outside the Golden Gate.[citation needed]”

  • Terry

    Scot, you and Kris had wonderfully clear weather in Jerusalem. I’ve never been there in June, but the one time I was there in September I thought I might just die from the heat. Hopefully, it wasn’t too hot for you. Weren’t those olive trees in Gethsemane amazing? Those few in front of the Church of all Nations… if they could talk.

  • Scot McKnight

    Terry, it was clear blue all day long; hot for sure; cool evenings.