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ACT and Prediction

Jay Mathews: Anyone know details of the value of the ACT? What do you think of standardized testing? If you are among the growing number of students who have taken or plan to take the ACT college entrance test, pay attention. An independent analysis of results in Ohio has concluded that two of the ACT’s [Read More…]

Googling and the Brain

From Good, and this reminds me of the famous story of Einstein, who was asked about a formula in science and he said to look it up in a book. New research from Columbia University psychologist Betsy Sparrow suggests that Google, your favorite search engine turned email host turned social network, might actually be making [Read More…]

When Pastors Leave

We can talk about whether megachurch pastors are creating a unique problem or whether this is a common problem, but the transition from a pastor to a new one — especially if the leaving pastor has been there for a long, long time — is often not simple. One of America’s more astute observers of [Read More…]

Labeling the Norwegian Killer

Within a few hours of Breivik’s horrendous, despicable acts of murder someone assigned him to the Muslim terrorist fringe, and when it was clear that he wasn’t that, someone assigned him to the Christian fundamentalist right wing fringe. Labeling and classifying are how we make sense of things, and so such assignments are understandable and [Read More…]

This Just In…

… if you are non-African, you are part Neanderthal. If your heritage is non-African, you are part Neanderthal, according to a new study in the July issue ofMolecular Biology and Evolution. Discovery News has been reporting on human/Neanderthal interbreeding for some time now, so this latest research confirms earlier findings…. Neanderthals possessed the gene for language [Read More…]

Greece and America

Thomas Friedman, from Greece: That brings up another similarity between Greece and America: that the necessary may be impossible, that baby boomer politicians in the age of Twitter may not be up to addressing problems this big. The hole is too deep and power too fragmented. The only way out is by collective action — [Read More…]

A Really Good Question

A question comes to me from a reader: What is considered ministry for the church? Is it only programs in which the gospel message is given? or where the Bible is taught? Do churches consider a program as ministry if it meets the wholistic needs of the community even though a message isn’t given or [Read More…]

Here’s Jimmy! 9

As if the change to the “new” perspective wasn’t enough for some, Tom Wright began to push into new territory and he knew it wasn’t just the old “new” perspective so Tom called what he was doing the “fresh” perspective, and I want to say one bit about this “fresh” perspective to form the introduction [Read More…]

Tim Gombis on The Paul We Think We Know

By Tim Gombis, from CT: But first a brief on the issue. The “new” perspective has thrown a spanner into theology, and it is such a powerful, paradigm-shifting perspective that at times things seem incomprehensible. The writings of Paul, which used to be so clear in the “old” perspective, are suddenly no longer so clear. [Read More…]

Orchard Grove Community Church

Kris and I spent a lovely 24 hours recently with the good folks at Walled Lake, MI where I spoke at Orchard Grove Community Church.  It was our second opportunity to be with this church. Highlights as always were the people, including Gina and Karl with whom we shared a meal on Saturday night.  Thanks [Read More…]