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From A.J. Heschel:

The first moment of each class is like the hour in which the Jews stood at the Red Sea.

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"Mend thy speech, lest you mar your fortune."

Teach The Whole Bible At Once
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Teach The Whole Bible At Once
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Why The Patristics Were Silenced In ..."

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  • Ed Holm

    it is and sometimes classes are like 40 years in the desert. mostly not, but sometimes…

  • Jeff L

    And every now and then, things work out and you go to the mountain top like Moses.

  • Greg Clark

    and sometimes on that mountain top you are allowed to see the promised land that you will not enter.

  • Jim Hampton

    Scott, do you have a citation for the quote?

  • Ann F-R

    :) Golly, that quote needs a fuller context! So many possibilities for wet feet!