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"This is a very good point.Does Putnam address the increased number of ways to connect ..."

The Death Of The Church 2: ..."
"She demonstrates tremendous grace, wisdom and patience in responding to ill informed critiques"

Thanks To Deborah Haarsma
"Grudem's definition is pure deism from start to finish. Hard to understand how Discovery Institute ..."

Thanks To Deborah Haarsma
"I havent read the book, but do the authors consider the possibility that the Flood ..."

An Ancient Document (RJS)

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  • Gloria

    Well, that can’t be you Scot because your name is misspelled. At least they goofed on your last night this time vs. Scott.

  • Dan

    Love the hair in the ears. Not nearly enough, I’ll bet.

  • rjs

    Nice – how did the fountain pen come up in the chapel sermon? (And have you read or at least seen Lord of the Rings yet…)

  • Scot McKnight

    rjs… I connect “us” to the “rich man” in the parable of Luke 16, and illustrated our wealth with my fountain pen.

    I read much of the Lord of Rings way back…

  • DRT

    …after reading the article, if Apostles concentrated on the gospel then the cred factor would be less of an obstacle.

  • The artist, Matt Lumpkin, is a student/staff worker at Fuller Theological Seminary. You can see more of his work (and some other stuff besides) at his own blog (The Burner Blog, incidentally, is the blog of Fuller’s Center for Lifelong Learning, which sponsored Scot’s visit).