Tattoos, Intelligent

Fascinating little piece, with lots of pics, of tattoos with a theme of science.

And Tim Dalrymple, linking to Matt Anderson, had a post about tats recently.

It’s been awhile since we have discussed tats, so it’s time to break it out again. What do you think of tats? To tat or not to tat?

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  • Rick

    That “tat” seems appropriate for RJS

  • Luke Allison

    I’m in the last stages of finishing a full sleeve on my arm.

    I’m a little flabbergasted that this topic is even discussed anymore, but….

  • rjs

    Ah … no. Not for me thanks. I’ll take my “rebellion” in other forms. (And I’d probably go for equations rather than molecules.)

    I like the title and subtitle of the article though – Tattoos of Science Nerds and an anthropology of the geek-rebel.

  • I started inking several years ago. Nothing random mind you, every one has a meaning from my family crest to my love of country.

  • Luke Allison

    I just have Japanese stuff because it’s beautiful. Peonies and spider mums, with water and some fauna.

    No intrinsic meaning whatsoever for me. Whether there is some within the traditional art or not, well…I’m postmodern that way, I guess.

  • To tat. I echo Luke Allison, it’s hard to believe it still gets brought up in Evangelical circle.

    Here in Santa Cruz, CA, where I live, you’ll find high-school girls with full sleeves. Makes my one tat (bicep, wife’s name in hebrew) seem utterly tame.

  • DRT

    What’s funny is that anyone who knows me in the real world would, no doubt, say I am a tat kind of guy. But I get so caught up in the permanency I can’t ever pull the trigger~!

  • Jim

    I’m a no-tat guy. But I secretly wish I had some!

  • Anna

    My daughter wants to celebrate her birthday by her AND me getting matching celtic cross tats. However . . . I used to work in a nursing home. I know what they look like after a few decades.

    But I’m still thinking about it . . .

  • Luke Allison

    The way I see it, by the time I’m old enough for a nursing, I won’t give two hoots what my skin looks like.

    But, in the meantime, I have a beautiful work of art adorning my arm. So I’ll enjoy it for another 30 years and then ship off to glory.

  • I just can’t see the cost…sorry all, but it seems like pouring that much money into something that adorns your body is a misprioritization of finances. I know this is inflammatory, particularly given that forty percent of adults have them now – but I can’t help but see a year’s worth of child sponsorship behind even a smallish tattoo. Morally wrong? No – only when a guy can’t feed his kids and has them on welfare while he gets a tattoo. That, or, neglects to give to others in need.

    And yes, I’m consistent with this in real life.

  • My wife and I have tattoo wedding rings (10 years in January), and I have plans for more ink.