The First Annoying Vegan

Last night, after finding what I thought was a funny cartoon about vegans, I posted the same cartoon and the response was way more than I expected. So tonight I post another cartoon that does the same. (By the way, I’m neither vegan nor anti-vegan, but I do find their zeal for what they believe admirable.) (HT: James McGrath)

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  • Michael Krause

    Yup. That’s me, or, at least, an adequate paraphrase of my comments yesterday, despite the fact that I’m not even actually a vegan! 🙂

    Thanks for posting this, Scot. This one was really funny.

  • Robert

    They don’t mention that research showed that, in an area with a similar climate to the UK, 75% of wild bee swarms starved in their first winter. I get a lot more than that through!

  • This is the second insensitive post I have read here 🙂

    Seriously, I am not a vegan, but I am a vegetarian in a country where the traditional cuisine is very much meat centered. So I get many remarks and looks from Christians and non-Christians alike but it is surprising to get it from here as well. I do believe we are free to eat whatever we want (meat included) so I never make remarks on people eating meat. But I also believe that love does not mock others. This is mocking regardless of the fact that you are not anti-vegan. It may be a funny kind of mocking, and I do not really mind it but I do not think this is ‘Jesus Creed’-like, or have I missed a chapter?

  • Paul W


    This comes off to me more like mockery than humor. Do you really want this site to be associated with this sort of ‘humor?’

    Perhaps I’m personalizing this a bit to much but my embrace of the “Jesus Creed” leads me more in the direction of standing in solidarity with Vegans who are being mocked than laughing at them when others poke fun.

    But that of course is just me.

  • Paul W

    Perhaps the last post was a bit snarky and self-righteous. My apologies.

    Nonetheless, this is not the sort of tone or material I’ve come to expect at Jesus Creed.

  • Alastair

    I think there is fair humor in it. God himself obviously approves of the enjoyment of milk and honey. vegans actively reject the use or enjoyment of what God approves in regards to animal products (given that it is used with care and respect for the animal).
    but he does not advocate abuse. but I don’t think a bug that is unintentionally hurt is of concern. some vegans are more like Jains. not all. but we kill things every minute. bacteria, tiny bugs, etc. we inhale them and step on them.

    some milking is uncomfortable. ask a nursing mother.

    proverbs 12:10 “10 A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal,”

  • Fred

    Is the insensitivity of Scot McKnight the real problem in our society, or the insecurity of those with no solid foundation upon which to view themselves and those around them?

  • DaveAlan

    Amen to Fred #7.

  • When I was attending Cornell, I asked a fellow student who was fixing a cup of tea if she would like honey, which was right beside me. She snapped, “honey is the enslavement of bees!” mmmmmkay.

  • @Fred #7

    Although, one would explain the other, neither one justifies the other.

  • J @ NPTS

    C’mon, people… again, lighten up. If we all take ourselves too seriously, we’ll never have any occasion for laughter. The type of person that this post is poking fun at is getting made fun of not because he or she is less than human or something, but because that person is a joke and needs to relax.

  • Chris C

    This could be viewed as a commentary on the way we have trouble accepting God’s gifts and blessings for fear that they will not fit with our plan.

  • Robert A

    I’m a level 5 vegan. I don’t eat anything with a shadow.

    Oh and I’m pocket mulching right now.

  • m

    this is hilarious.

    Seriously vegan friends, learn to laugh at yourself a little bit. It will prolong your life even more than your diet.

  • RobS

    Maybe the 20,000 foot view is better. God’s providence should be more in our focus and our unity compared to dietary goals or restrictions. Given that, I’ll laugh along, celebrate the promises God gives and the good He wants for me. Whether we like our burritos with steak, chicken, fish, or just lots of guacamole is up to the individual and doesn’t mean much for our eternal salvation.

    Hopefully I can unite with my vegan friends over that and just have a laugh for now. Maybe they can find one to tease those of us that do consume meat as well. I’ll give that one a laugh as well.

  • Dan

    Wow, there sure are a lot of folks with thin skin that visit this site. Take a deep breath.

    FWIW I agree w/RobertA @11.

  • I am dietary vegan (except for honey) and I find this hilarious : )


  • Paul W

    @Fred #7

    I can’t imagine how anyone would think Scot McKnight is a problem in our society. And for the record I’m not vegan nor do I find a vegan stance in any substantive way to be compelling. However, I do not think that “the insecurity of those with no solid foundation upon which to view themselves and those around them” should be meet with mocking humor.

    Perhaps I’m being just a bit dense or niave but I can’t put my head around this. How do those who believe that the spiritual center of Jesus’ followers should be shaped by the love of God and love of neighbor endorse the sort of humor that makes someone you disagree with the butt of a joke.

  • Barb

    as the beekeeper’s daughter I could easily live on “milk and honey”. I once looked at the “forbidden foods list” from some supposed “Biblical diet plan” and when I saw that honey was forbidden I knew that wasn’t the diet for me. Honey is mentioned several times in the Bible. my beekeeper friends would say that theirs was the “second oldest profession.”

  • DRT

    My dad would say he is not sure eating like a vegan actually makes your life last longer, but it sure seems like it.

  • Fred

    Paul W

    I don’t think Scot McKnight is a problem but apparently some vegans do. Personally, I think he is close to superman. How anyone can do everything he does like be a professor, write books, do speaking engagements and supply us with reading material on the Jesus Creed is beyond me.

  • Joe Canner

    For all you vegans and vegan-wannabees out there, science comes to the rescue…

  • Paul W

    Agreed. McKnight is superman! Wasn’t aware that he was a concern to any vegans though.