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Weekly Meanderings

Like these koalas, we are looking back over the year while moving forward. I didn’t think I’d have enough links for a Weekly Meanderings today, but thanks to Kris and Lukas we cobbled together some. Grab your cup of coffee and enjoy this last edition of Weekly Meanderings for 2011. By the way, this is [Read More…]

D.B. Hart on S. Pinker

From First Things, in a review of Steven Pinker’s new book that thinks Enlightenment principles are leading to a decline in violence… well, Hart gets after Pinker and this is how he finishes it off. In the end, what Pinker calls a “decline of violence” in modernity actually has been, in real body counts, a [Read More…]

Do Faith Claims Have a Place? (RJS)

There is an interesting column by Paul Pardi in the Huffington Post: Why Faith Claims Should Be ‘Corrected’: A Professor’s View (HT JT). In this column Pardi discusses a recent article and talk by Professor Peter Boghossian of Portland State University. At the heart of Boghossian’s argument is the idea that students should leave a [Read More…]

The Ancient 99 Percent

From Tim De Chant: Over the last 30 years, wealth in the United States has been steadily concentrating in the upper economic echelons. Whereas the top 1 percent used to control a little over 30 percent of the wealth, they now control 40 percent. It’s a trend that was for decades brushed under the rug [Read More…]

Podcast Pastors

From Trevin Wax’s post as reported at CP: There’s a dangerous trend among Christians today, according to one Christian: Podcast sermons are increasingly replacing real pastorship. “What is dangerous is not listening to podcasts, but thinking that pastoring and shepherding is taking place through this means. There is more to pastoring than the delivery of sermons,” [Read More…]

Testing Scripture 1 (RJS)

Scripture plays a foundational role in the Christian faith on both an individual level and a corporate level. In fact, the centrality of scripture to the Christian faith is hard to argue. It is the self-revelation of God, so Christians believe. Without the Old Testament we would know little or nothing of God’s relationship to [Read More…]

“Social” Justice (Tim King)

Tim King is a former student of mine, works with Jim Wallis, and is pointing out something I would affirm. The word “social” has been added to the word “justice” because “social” has been too often neglected. Having said that, though, I would plead with us to learn to use the word “justice” biblically — [Read More…]

Emerging, Version 2.0

Steve Knight has an interesting perspective on how the emergent folks and participatory church are connected. In an op-ed piece in this Sunday’s New York Times, former NPR correspondent Eric Weiner describes his feelings as he faces the holiday season as a religious “none,” as in “none of the above.” Weiner is currently “unaffiliated,” but he writes, [Read More…]

Boaz on Human Trafficking 2

From Arise, by my friend and colleague, Boaz Johnson: In the Hebrew Bible, the books that follow Proverbs 31 give examples of an eshet chayil, a strong woman. These paradigmatic examples are found in the books of Job, Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, and Esther. I would like to focus on one of these eshet chayil: [Read More…]

What would it take for you to change your mind?

Put on the table one of your most cherished theological ideas — say creationism, the historicity of Jonah surviving in a big fish, Calvinism or Arminianism, penal substitution, the gospel as social justice, progressive ideas on the gay/lesbian debates… just put your major idea on the table and ask yourself one question: What would it [Read More…]