Tracking Down Jesus

By Jeff Shapiro:

One security company is offering a solution to the problem of stolen baby Jesus figurines from Nativity displays by giving organizations GPS tracking devices.

“The holidays are about helping people,” said Todd Morris, CEO of BrickHouse Security in New York. “The theft and vandalism of treasured holiday figures is a problem we can empower communities and congregations to solve. We’re happy to expand the program and help even more people this year.”

The name of the program is “Saving Jesus,” and this holiday season will mark the sixth year the company has supplied the devices to organizations and churches. Some years around 100 organizations have taken advantage of the offer, and BrickHouse anticipates many more to participate this year.

Qualifying organizations will receive the Spark Nano GPS Tracker device, which is described as “matchbox-sized” and can be hidden either on or in the Jesus figurines. BrickHouse even ships the device for free, and it comes fully activated and ready to use.

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  • Psalms4guitar

    A GPS system? So are we going to go vigilante on pranksters now, knocking on their doors and demanding they give us our Jesus doll back? Sounds like a great Men’s Ministry Outreach Program…Lol. Or are we just going to get them arrested and take them to court? Sheesh!

    Peace, Brian

  • Fish

    If someone steals Jesus, I figure they need him more than I do.