Just what the plumber needs

I shall keep this website handy just in case our plumber needs it.

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  • Booo! This could destroy an institution!

  • I think the union might oppose covering up their logo.

  • I think our daughter was freaking out too much tonight to notice whether the plumber needed a longer shirt! (Her apt at college was flooding with sewer back-up from the main for the whole 6 storey building.) I’ll ask her now that she’s calmed down & has another place to stay while they tear up all the carpet & disinfect the place this weekend. Glad exams don’t start until NEXT week!

    Update: giving her credit for observation skills – he had a workshirt over his t-shirt, tucked into his jeans. 😀

  • DAK

    I went to a high school football game this fall with my 8 year old daughter. When a man in front of us bent to sit down, he gave us a full moon. My daughter laughed out loud. It would have taken a lot more than an extra 3 inches on the tail of his t-shirt to cover his plumber’s butt. 🙂

  • I would be embarrassed to admit how much money I have sent these people over the past week. They truly do have quality items for working people, not up to Filson level but far beyond Carhartt. Their shirts and jackets let you reach without binding and their pants let you stoop down without emasculating yourself if you are a man. Probably not as much benefit for a woman but they have a line of women’s clothes as well. And a bunch of toys and games that don’t need batteries to run.

    ?heir prices are a tad, well, pricey. Not as bad as Filson. But they had a 12 days of Christmas sale this year with free shipping that let me make up for a year’s wishing. If I was working in an academic setting I would still be wearing their clothes. Actually probably more of them because I would more likely be able to afford them outside of the Christmas season. Well, not as a student.

  • Anna

    I really like that company. Yes, they are pricy, but their items are thoughtfully designed, durable and well-made. And they actually make work clothes for women. Not men’s clothing that is simply shrunk or dyed pink, but work clothing that is actually cut for women.

    I’ll say it again: this company makes work clothing that is actually cut for women. What a concept! 😀

  • Dana Ames

    Growing up, my husband would hear the following exchange when his dad had occasion to suffer from PB:

    “Bill, tuck your shirt in!”

    “Drop a quarter in it, Sue!”


  • Tom

    one of my favorite websites