Only in America…

BusinessNewsDaily and LiveScience:

The top ten Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of 2011 are:

•Convict sues couple he kidnapped for not helping him evade police

•Man illegally brings gun into bar, gets injured in a fight, then sues bar for not searching him for a weapon

•Young adults sue mother for sending cards without gifts and playing favorites

•Woman disagrees with store over 80-cent refund, sues for $5 million

•Mom files suit against exclusive preschool over child’s college prospects

•Man suing for age discrimination says judge in his case is too old

•Obese man sues burger joint over tight squeeze in booths

•Woman sues over movie trailer; says not enough driving in “Drive”

•Passenger’s lawsuit says cruise ship went too fast and swayed from side to side

•Mother sues Chuck E. Cheese – says games encourage gambling in children

Links to the full news stories from which these were drawn and the complete results of the poll can be found on the Faces of Lawsuit Abuse web site.


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  • Phillip

    The mom may be right about Chuck E Cheese. But the kids, or at least the parents, also learn that the house always wins. Five dollars in tokens to get a fifty cent prize. A friend says Chuck E Cheese is like crack for kids. He is a lawyer, so maybe a new suit will be filed soon.

  • DRT

    Love it.

    Not last year but in 2010 I was sued by someone who sold me a piece of equipment that he attested he owned, that later turned out to be leased by him (he did not own it), and he sued me to make the final lease payments on it.

  • RobS

    I’ll toss it one… if an employee of a trial lawyer firm runs a red light and hits (totals) your car, expect the lawsuit to come against you for their mistake.

    Our insurance company had to hire outside legal counsel to defend it. Great way to drive up insurance costs for everyone else.

  • We live in the culture of victimhood.

  • ao

    Allan (#4),

    Whether your claim is true or not, I don’t think you can use that list as supporting evidence. These are obviously extreme and scarce examples of lawsuits, and we have no indication that many or most Americans would do the same thing if they were in the same situation. The fact that most people who read this list and find all of them absurd undermines the idea that we can generalize this list up to a “culture of victimhood”.

  • The list by itself says nothing, but only in a culture of victimhood could such a list be reality.

  • Tim

    Check out movie “Hot Coffee” for more on this subject

  • Larry Barber

    These are only 10 suits, most were probably filed by people filing pro se, I bet they were all quickly dismissed. Those who compiled this list are doing so from less than pure motives, they want to change the law to make it far more business friendly and much harder to file suits against businesses. Bad cases make hard law.

  • See frivilous lawsuits in my line of work all the time. Unfortunate, but true.