Majors and Employment

From WaPo:

About Scot McKnight

Scot McKnight is a recognized authority on the New Testament, early Christianity, and the historical Jesus. McKnight, author of more than fifty books, is the Professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary in Lombard, IL.

  • Kristin

    Graduate degree in architecture here…so thankful to have a job in this economy!

    But this makes me roll my eyes even more when teachers complain about “no jobs” They have the best prospects yet they seem to complain the most!

  • E.G.

    Phew! Happy that I’m a life scientist working in natural resources education and research. :)

  • EricM

    As a Graphic Designer and Web Developer, I’m straddling the Arts and Computers fields. 2 year degree, 2 years experience, part-time job and part-time freelance. It’s hard times for a lot of people I know.

  • Heather G

    There are a lot more teachers in the country than architects. Therefore, a lower unemployment percentage than architects could still mean that there are actually many many more teachers who can’t find jobs than there are architects who can’t find jobs.

  • j smith

    Kristin … it’s probably partly because they’re attacked a lot. It’s hard not to respond poorly when your work is constantly devalued.

    Also, see Heather G’s comment.

  • Kristin

    Sorry, my point here wasn’t to get into a debate about ‘which profession has it worse off’ or ‘which profession is most worthy of sympathy.’ I have great respect for the work that teachers do and feel for everyone who is without a job, regardless of profession.

    I’ve probably just sat in on one too many dinner parties where everyone around the table was a teacher except for me! Seems like the conversation always becomes teacher vent-fest and I’m the architect that has “no idea” what its like to be undervalued or underpaid! Yeah right, anyone in the architecture profession knows otherwise!