To Scot from Scot: Another Contest

Every year I buy myself a gift, wrap it up, and write on it “To Scot from Scot.” Here is this year’s gift to myself.

If you can guess what it is, I will send the same gift to you!

Guess away … and I’ll give some clues throughout the day if they are needed … and I’ll announce the winner tomorrow!

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  • Starbucks giftcard?

  • Kelly

    I’m going to say a new pipe

  • Rick

    A bag of special coffee.

  • T

    No starbucks, but maybe a bag of better coffee, like Intelligentsia or Colombia from One Village.

  • T

    BTW, if I might prefer that it was a new I-Phone, since I don’t drink coffee. 😀

  • Eric

    Coffee perhaps?

  • Rick

    updating #3, Five Senses

  • Craig Beard

    A lovely Cabernet Sauvignon.

  • Kevin

    A kindle fire.
    Just a guess.

  • James C

    My guess is a new coffe mug.

  • DRT

    An invitation of some sort.

  • DSO

    A brand new pen.

  • David Dollins

    I would say a book.

  • A CD – do I have to guess the artist and album, too?

    P.S. I’d say it was a nook except that I don’t think that you’d give one away after having bought one for yourself! 🙂

  • Percival

    One of those thingy-ma-jigs? Or do I need to be more specific to win the prize?

  • Jack Varnell

    A copy of your very own “King Jesus Gospel” signed “To: Scot, You are an amazing writer!” From: Scot!

  • N. B.

    One of the new 80in plasma LED tvs. BTW, I didn’t know they made bags that big.

  • A churchhill sized cigar.

  • PLTK

    The thing you knew you wanted that your wife would never buy for you.

  • Kindle Fire. :o)

  • 2 r/t tickets to Zante, Greece for 10 days, including hotel, meals, and daily massage. :-)>

  • Daniel Kirk’s new book on Jesus and Paul? (supporting my seminary. Also, apologies if this is a double-post. My Firefox on my work Mac has had a habit of not posting comments here lately)

  • A Kindle, of the non-Fire variety.

  • Cory Taylor

    Maybe it’s an iPad?

  • Dan

    A bag of Intellegensia Colombian La Loma.

  • Dan

    A bag of Intellegensia Colombian La Loma and maybe a new aero press.

  • Craig Beard

    A Kindle Fire pre-loaded with all your books (and perhaps Daniel Kirk’s “Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul?”

  • MatthewS

    an ABBA CD

    and since my comment was “too short”, grr, I’ll add my other guess: iPad

  • Rick

    A St. Louis Cardinals World Series cap! Since you are a fan of the Cubs, I know how much that would mean to you.

  • Seán

    I think it’s either a Kindle Fire or the Kobo Touch

  • MatthewS

    Isotoner gloves?

    (so that the comment won’t be too short, I’ll add that we purchased our first bag of Intelligentsia coffee on a day trip to Chicago last week. very good!)

  • RJS

    So far wild guesses and wishful thinking. Perhaps a hint?

    On the wishful thinking side … an all expense paid trip to Scotland in April or early May?

  • Jon G

    To all you people who don’t read the Bible at face-value…

    CLEARLY it’s a Peanuts gift bag! (I would’ve at least got myself a book or something.)

    merry christmas, scot!

  • Craig Beard

    Hey, I’d take the Peanuts bag . . . if Scot would autograph it. [That is, if I don’t win the actual, fabulous gift.]

  • discokvn

    Guess #1: Vince Guaraldi trio — charlie brown chrismtas…

    Guess #2: Accordance Bible Software package add-on

  • pepy

    another Mark Twain book.

  • My guess is a Christmas CD.

  • pepy

    …or a Hemingway book. NOT an e-book.

  • Plane tickets since I could use a few!

  • I think it must be a kindle

  • JH

    I’m going with either:

    new annual devotional or a gym membership renewal

  • Steve, Winnipeg, Canada

    Is it an iPad 2?

  • Patrick Hare

    Shaving brush/straight edge razor. Perfect for an old-school fountain pen kind of guy …

  • Max

    The King Jesus Gospel! 🙂

  • John W Frye

    a new Rolex watch…hee hee hee…

  • Jon

    A hand grinder for coffee or an aeropress.

  • John W Frye

    a new garlic press (can we guess twice or more?)

  • The Vince Guaraldi Christmas cd from Starbucks.

    (and what a fantastic gift bag!)

  • Barb

    Has to be the Chia Professor!

  • Chad

    A MacBook?! (wishful guessing!)

  • Jesse Medina

    A flask!

    Or perhaps just a bit of scotch?

  • Matt Edwards

    Looks like a bottle.

    I would guess Scotch, but I don’t think you would promise to mail anyone that with the prospect of a minor winning. So, I am going to guess some kind of coffee flavoring.

  • T

    mmm . . . since we’ve received no hint, I wonder if the game is over . . .

  • scotmcknight

    OK, folks, the bag is a one-dollar gift bag from Target!

  • Keith

    A DVD of “A Charlie Brown Christmas”

  • I think….it must be a gift card to an e-book subscription service.

  • Krista

    Starbucks Christmas Blend (she asked hopefully)?

  • Phillip

    A Swiss army knife! Hmmm. But would a pacifist buy himself an army knife? May have to rethink this.

  • Trevor

    an iTunes gift card

  • Mijk V

    Is it a Charlie Brown collectable $1 bill?

  • Amory Ewerdt

    Intelligentcia coffee.

  • Is it an iPhone 4S?

  • Cheryl H

    A box of PG Tips Tea

  • bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon / merlot blend.

  • alastair

    is it a snuggie?

  • Ginny

    Either the first Bible translated by a woman (Juliia E. Smith) or a set of Asian teak bar stools.

  • A skipping rope?

  • I’m late to the game, and the guesses may be pretty close since Scot’s only made 1 comment! Is the fact that it’s a Target or a Peanuts gift bag a clue? A Kindle Fire w/out its box might fit in the bag, or perhaps a Kindle Fire cover… A gift card for books, or an Intelligentsia gift card would fit, too.

  • John W Frye

    it’s a pan band CD of Caribbean tunes

  • John W Frye

    since it’s a Target, get it, Target bag, my guess is a Colt .45 automatic

  • John W Frye

    a copy J. Dwight Pentecost’s *Things to Come* (hard cover) or C. Caldweld Ryrie’s *Dispensationalism Today* (hard cover)

  • John W Frye

    a Chicago Cubs soda can 🙂 holder

  • John W Frye

    a nicely framed picture of Aksel

  • Craig Beard

    To Phillip: I think it was a good guess. A Swiss Army Knife is SO much more than just a knife — it’s a portable tool kit. Check out this model:

  • Phillip

    Craig (#74), that’s cool but ridiculous. A pocket knife should be able to fit in a pocket. Of course, if that is what Scot gave himself, I’ll take one!

  • MatthewS
  • Deborah

    a gift card to Target? (since they do have Starbucks on site)

  • Terry Tiessen

    A new fountain pen.