To Scot from Scot: The Winner is…

When I read on yesterday’s post Comment #4, without looking at the name, I thought — “Wow, someone got it quickly!”

Then I saw who wrote the Comment. It was “T.”

My first thought in an unsanctified mood: How can T figure this out so quickly?  The last Christmas contest I had it was T who figured it out. If I were a betting man, or if I were doing numbers, or if I were cynical, I’d have to say “T and SMcK are in kahoots on this one!”

Seriously, folks, T flat-out guessed it.

Next year, T, you’re disqualified. You might want to check with your local lawyer to see if it’s legal for me to do this, but buddy, we’ve got to give someone else a chance! And it’s my blog and I get to set the rules!

So, Yes, I bought for myself some Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso coffee and I’ll be packaging one up for T … beans, T, only beans. You’ll have to grind them.

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