To Scot from Scot: The Winner is…

When I read on yesterday’s post Comment #4, without looking at the name, I thought — “Wow, someone got it quickly!”

Then I saw who wrote the Comment. It was “T.”

My first thought in an unsanctified mood: How can T figure this out so quickly?  The last Christmas contest I had it was T who figured it out. If I were a betting man, or if I were doing numbers, or if I were cynical, I’d have to say “T and SMcK are in kahoots on this one!”

Seriously, folks, T flat-out guessed it.

Next year, T, you’re disqualified. You might want to check with your local lawyer to see if it’s legal for me to do this, but buddy, we’ve got to give someone else a chance! And it’s my blog and I get to set the rules!

So, Yes, I bought for myself some Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso coffee and I’ll be packaging one up for T … beans, T, only beans. You’ll have to grind them.

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  • Rick

    T is the Ken Jennings of “Scot to Scot”

  • I hope “T” is a close personal because otherwise the word “stalker” comes to mind.

  • Pat Pope

    Never would have guessed that. He know you too well.

    And I agree with Mike in #2 above. 🙂

  • MatthewS

    Congrats, T
    it was meant to be
    and perhaps a little hint
    that you should sip some coffee instead of only tea!

    (although I’ll be honest, Black Cat is strong stuff)

  • T

    In front of all these witnesses, I hereby disqualify myself from all future Jesus Creed contests where a prize is involved.*

    I also affirm that I have never talked to Scot in person, or bugged Scot’s house (I prefer video surveillance). And it’s true, MatthewS, I actually do drink tea, and not coffee, BUT my small group loves coffee, so it will go to a good cause, and be served in Christ’s name no less.

    Just so everyone knows, all I did (before even checking my video surveillance tapes), was look at the picture of the package, and think, “Scot really, really likes coffee, and a bag of coffee would fit perfectly in that bag.” Then I remembered him posting about his favorite coffee in Chicago (vaguely remembered “intelli-something), so I searched to confirm the name.

    By the way, I may have to make a New Year’s resolution to read less of the Jesus Creed (can one have too much of a good thing?). Either that or become a coffee drinker/snob. Either way, I’m keeping the video feed. Have you ever watched a bird watcher watch birds? Fascinating. 😀

    *unless its really, really cool.

  • T

    And Scot, please, for both of us, less Cubs on the tube. It’s just painful watching you watch them with such hope.

  • John W Frye

    No! You mean it wasn’t a copy of C C. Ryrie’s *Dispensationalism Today*?

    Congrats, T. “tea for T and two for tea…”

  • EricW


    I bought a bag of Intelligentsia Celebration Roast before Christmas break. It’s a little lighter than I prefer ($25 for 12 oz. at the local coffee shop that grinds and brews it), but tasted nice. The barista gave me a free sample of the Black Cat Espresso, and it was hands down the best espresso I’ve ever had. I thought of buying the Black Cat ($20 for 12 oz.) and brewing it like regular coffee (i.e., pour-over or Clever Coffee Dripper), but I couldn’t get hold of anyone at Intelligentsia to tell me if it brewed a good cup of coffee or not, and the coffee shop barista had never used it for anything other than espresso. If you grind and brew a regular cup of coffee with Black Cat, please let us know how it tastes!

  • Amory Ewerdt

    wow! burned. i guessed intelligentsia coffee too. i guess i was too late. and it was an honest guess. i know that you like intelligentsia from some of your posts. at least you don’t have to ship it to thailand:)