Bleed into One

Here’s an announcement for those interested in Christian Rock:

Bleed into One will be an uncompromising, controversial view of the history as well as the people behind Christian Rock.  The narrative will primarily be told through interviews, archival footage, music video and live performance. Not shying away from criticism of the genre, Bleed Into One will feature honest summations of pundits, critics and offer a variety of pop culture references on the subject including but not limited to “South Park”, “The Simpsons”, “Rolling Stone,” “Saved,” “Alternative Press,” “King of the Hill,” and comments from comedians and other detractors.  Additionally, the film will feature website chatter, VH1 and MTV references.

With interviews and performances by:

P.O.D., Underoath, MxPx, Skillet, The Crucified, ZAO, Stryper, Living Sacrifice, DC Talk, Sixpence None the Richer, Jars of Clay, Steve Taylor, the REZ Band, Servant, Randy Stonehill, The Violet Burning, Norma Jean, The Prayer Chain, Third Day, Phil Keaggy, Mike Roe, The Choir,  Steve Scott, Guardian, Puller,  Project 86, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Relient K,  Petra, Sacred Fire, Demon Hunter, Audio Adrenaline, Mercy Me, Jeremy Camp, Delirious?,  Newsboys, DeGarmo and Key,  Squad 5-0,  Family Force 5, Charlie Peacock,   Brian ‘Head’ Welch,  Scaterd Few, Flyleaf, The Altar Boys,  Plankeye, The OC Supertones, The Lifters, Undercover, Chuck Girard, Oden Fong, Terry Taylor, Darrell Mansfield, Shout, Bryan Duncan, Nancy Jo Mann and so much more…

And interviews with…

Tooth and Nail records CEO-Brandon Ebel,

HM Magazine Editor-Doug Van Pelt

Brian Quincy Newcomb

Relevant Magazine Managing Editor-Tyler Clark,

Gospel Music Association president John Styll

Former Editor CCM magazine editor Jay Schwartzendruber

Raised By Wolves author John Thompson-

And many, many more.


With any music-based project such as Bleed into One, much of the budget must be designated toward securing the licenses to legally play specific music.  Music licensing is expensive and necessary.  We have estimated that$30,000 will be needed to secure these licenses for the large volume of music we plan to use.

In addition to the music licensing,  the other big expense will be the final stages of post-production so that the project can be completed.  Final editing, graphics & animation, which we estimate to be another $30,000.

If more than $60,000 is raised, the remaining amount will go toward an extensive marketing plan for better reach.


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  • This looks promising. Christian rock is a curious subgenre that definitely merits the kind of close examination that a full-length doc can provide.

  • VERY excited to see this.

  • Nice to see the founding fathers – Petra, REZ, Servant, et al. – actually listed here. Promising indeed.

  • Amos Paul

    Cool. I’d like to see it.