My Argument against the Internet

"I very much appreciate John Walton’s work. He walks a fine line because he understands, ..."

An Ancient Document (RJS)
"To tell the story of the dawn of the age of authenticity is to show ..."

The Age Of Youthfulness
"We are likely in agreement -- language often gets in the way. For example, I ..."

An Ancient Document (RJS)
"I worry, a little, we emphasize the literalness of these stories too much. For example, ..."

An Ancient Document (RJS)

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  • Pat Pope

    That is NOT you!!!!! Wow, have you changed (for the better, I might add 🙂 ).

  • RJS

    Whoa … Nice poster.

  • JoeyS

    Nice shirt! (need to make my comment longer)

  • John W Frye

    I can’t tell, Scot. Are you wearing jeans??

  • scotmcknight

    John, at that time of my life I didn’t even own a pair of jeans.

  • Jim Eisenbraun

    Didn’t know you were George Costanza’s hipper brother!

  • Umm… Grateful Dead?

  • Lukas McKnight

    Wow. Mix in some UV rays on that cranium.

  • Jack Mercer

    One word. Dude!

  • I dare anyone to argue against the power of grace to change lives!!

  • Um, I can’t even think of a joke for that. Did ANYONE dress like that in 1996?

  • O.M.G. The Dude Abides.

  • Love This! I needed a good laugh tonight. Thanks for modeling humility for the rest of us. I am off to burn all the old pic’s of myself from the 90’s. 🙂

  • Dan

    This has been the most emotionally moving photos I have seen in 2012. I have saved the link and will return to view it often.

  • AHH

    Scot, I enjoyed NYPD Blue, but I really thought you did a great character on Hill Street Blues.

  • DRT

    The gym comment is just a bit creepy….

  • When I read through the comments and got to #8 (Lukas), I laughed! That sounded just like either one of my children when they’ve seen seen an old picture or “interesting” piece of clothing.

  • Terry

    Proof that you are a far more humble man than I. A true hero. I was tripped up yesterday to hear that my 7-year old grandson was excited to go to school and dress up for 80s Day. When I was in school 50s Day made some sense, leather jackets, poodle skirts, the Fonz. But dang, 80s was just life. Actually, Scot, my Dylan looked a lot like you — maybe he had his decades mixed up!?!

    Lukas, I don’t intend for you to ever meet any of my nice children.

  • That is stinking awesome!

  • Dan Reeve

    Now that’s the Scott I know and love. I an almost see and hear you now challenging your students to see if you know the initials of any author.

  • T

    That just plain rocks.

  • You are a theological Jason Alexander! Love it, and glad styles continue to change. Bald is the new black.

  • Percival

    Glad you are still “challenging students with new images.”

  • TJJ

    Wow. I’ll bet that really pulled the students in!

  • Bruce

    I LOVE what you’ve done with your hair!

  • “An [unforgettable] education for the individual” in style!

  • Yes, Dr. McKight…that’s how I remember you looking at TEDS.

  • Steve

    Way to rock the Rayon, Scot (I can only assume that’s what that shirt’s made out of).

    #15 wins the comments section, fwiw.

  • scotmcknight

    Steve, 100% cotton.

  • Bob3


    I don’t see anything wrong. Why all the comments? You still have tht shirt, right?

  • Ward

    Anyone can see that the shirt is actually a stylized Greek lexicon turned sideways.

  • There are no words, Scot. None.