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"The same path, or worse, has been followed by those baptized as adults. Whatever questions ..."

Baptism Of Infants, One More Time
"Show me anywhere in The Bible where people got baptized before believing. A baby doesn't ..."

Baptism Of Infants, One More Time
"The famous Satanist, Aleister Crowley was brought up in a devout Plymouth Brethren who practice ..."

Baptism Of Infants, One More Time
"Those last three quotes provide some strong evidence that this practice of baptizing infants goes ..."

Baptism Of Infants, One More Time

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  • http://krusekroncile.com Michael W. Kruse

    That will work!

  • http://restoringsoul.blogspot.com Ann F-R

    At least, her equations are correct! My college daughter just sent me this awful example: if it’s real – and we’ve had experience w/ teachers being unwilling to admit substantive errors – do I cringe, laugh or …what??? http://funnyexam.com/answers/popular/1649-the-date-is-4-20-thumbs