Teaching Strategy

"I think Gen Adam is an archetype because I think the early stories in Gen ..."

Does it Matter? (RJS)
"The Wesleys (who shared the Anglican spirit with Lewis) often sound this way at times ..."

C.S. Lewis and Mere Purgatory
"I believe very strongly that when Jesus repeated himself, he was giving us a pretty ..."

Salvation by Hospitality Alone?
"And at that moment of giving up everything (ie. their life) they were perfected. Which ..."

Why Did Jesus Demand “Perfection”?
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  • http://krusekroncile.com Michael W. Kruse

    That will work!

  • http://restoringsoul.blogspot.com Ann F-R

    At least, her equations are correct! My college daughter just sent me this awful example: if it’s real – and we’ve had experience w/ teachers being unwilling to admit substantive errors – do I cringe, laugh or …what??? http://funnyexam.com/answers/popular/1649-the-date-is-4-20-thumbs