Teaching Strategy

"Yes, I think a church that expects wives to fear their husbands is going to ..."

Andy Stanley on Mutual Submission
"Look at it this way, Paul cannot create doctrine; only Christ could do that. Paul ..."

Andy Stanley on Mutual Submission
"Not my point. A child hears a voice (in this case a audible voice), even ..."

Prophets in America
"Bennet makes some good points, but I cannot understand how the cross fits in. Reading ..."

New Birth Transcending Atonement Theories

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  • http://krusekroncile.com Michael W. Kruse

    That will work!

  • http://restoringsoul.blogspot.com Ann F-R

    At least, her equations are correct! My college daughter just sent me this awful example: if it’s real – and we’ve had experience w/ teachers being unwilling to admit substantive errors – do I cringe, laugh or …what??? http://funnyexam.com/answers/popular/1649-the-date-is-4-20-thumbs