History Channel Stats

These are not my stats, but a graph someone sent me… not sure if it is true, but I suspect it isn’t far from the truth.

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  • Steve

    “Everything Else that Ever Happened” should be at least half made up of “Things that happened in books ‘Banned from the Bible'”

  • Larry Barber

    Sad, the History Channel used to have some interesting programs, that, if not excessively deep, were at least historical. Then it turned into the Hitler Channel, but at least they were still talking about real history. Now they’re the Nostradamus/Incredibly Bad Bible Reading channel.

  • Larry Barber

    Of course I can remember when A&E actually had artistic content, too. Now it’s just all NCIS and Law & Order, all the time. Gotta love capitalism’s penchant for the lowest common denominator.

  • DSO

    Ugh, the History channel has really been disappointing lately. Goof-balls with weird hair talking about ancient aliens, pawn brokers, trash collectors. History International is only a little better. Too bad I am not subscribed.

  • I’m so glad that I enjoy reading.

  • Cal


    Sorry to say, History International is now H2. They took all the historical shows off and put regular garbage on.

  • JohnM

    Hey, if they can air poker games on a sports channel…..

  • Clay Knick

    I remember when they actually showed history on the History Channel. (sigh).

  • the commentary should be directed at viewers not the network! They only put on what people watch. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go watch “How Bruce Lee Changed the World” on air now on The History Channel.

  • Rick

    JohnM #7-

    You may be referring to some other channel, but the “E” in ESPN stands for entertainment. They don’t claim to be all “sports”.

    Have to agree with Jeff #9. The channel is a business, and is therefore giving the audience what it wants. Look what happened to MTV.

  • Fish

    I just got rid of my cable TV and switched to the internet and over-the-air broadcasts. I thought I would miss the History Channel, but actually I now have more of this kind of content now available than I ever dreamed. It was so easy and cost less to set up than I was paying for a month of cable TV. I’m free at least, free at last.

    A Roku streaming player (look on amazon) plugs into the TV and picks up my wireless internet signal. From there, I can access so much free stuff it’s incredible. All I am paying for are subscriptions to Netflix and Hulu Plus that total less than $20 a month but I have literally hundreds of channels.

    For the networks, I bought an indoor antenna that is literally the size of a sheet of paper and only a little bit thicker. I am picking up about 20 channels over the air — and get this: the networks are in HD. All that frenzy about converting older TVs to digital was so that broadcasts would be in HD. I have better quality TV than I got with cable, for totally free.

    Sorry, I couldn’t help but share it, I’m so in love with it. There are some channels and shows I can’t get, but I’ve replaced them with other stuff I like just as well.

  • They do love WWII. I like Pawn Stars, though. You get some interesting history in that show.

  • Looks like the ‘History’ channel is more the ‘Sci-Fi’ channel with aliens, ghosts, and doomsday prophecies taking up over half the menu.

  • Jeremy

    I had to go look VERY quickly, but yesterday’s breakdown was this:

    18 hours of reality TV (Pawn Stars, Larry the Cable Guy, American Restoration)
    3 hours of infomercials
    2 hour special on the hunt for Bin Laden
    1 episode of Modern Marvels.

    I guess the Bin Laden thing is historical….

  • TJJ

    They left out Big foot. There is at least one series about searching for Sasquatch. Mostly in the dark of course, with green night vision cameras.

  • JohnM

    Rick #10 – Okay then, but let me put it another way – If they can air poker games and call it entertainment…

  • P.

    They used to be big on shows that tried to debunk orthodox Christianity.

  • AdamN

    Turn off the tube and READ!!