Finley Grace Cheers For….

Here is our granddaughter, Finley Grace, and we are running a contest for which team she is supporting. (Hint: we are asking which team uniform she is wearing. Yes, she cheers for the Cubs. No, that is not the answer. Sorry, no prize. Yes, T, you can participate.)

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  • RJS

    The same team Aksel cheered for shortly after birth …

  • Any team that such a beautiful granddaughter supports has to be the right one!

  • Blake

    South Africa national rugby union team, the Springboks!

  • RJS

    Looks like Ducks colors to me.

  • T


    That visual feed at Scot’s place just never stops paying dividends. Does it sound like bananna and involve women’s “football” in the cradle of humanity?

  • Jon Altman

    Those look like Packers’ colors-surely a Chicago girl wouldn’t do that.:)

  • Susan N.

    No clue on which team (I’m sports-challenged); but Finley Grace is adorable. What a sweet smile 🙂

  • Bill Philbin

    It reminds me of the special St Patrick’s Day uniform the White Sox once wore in a spring training game…

  • Robin

    I’m pretty sure it is a spanish basketball team that Marc Gasol used to play for

  • pepy

    My response is: Finley Grace cheers for the DUCKS!!! 🙂 she likes their style.

  • Ray

    That is a Baylor Bear outfit if I’ve ever seen one! RGIII!

  • steve jung

    sasol motorsports of south africa

  • TSG

    Soth African National women’s soccer

  • Susan N.

    Okay, checked with our resident “expert” (my 11yo son), and he said Packers, if it’s football.

    I asked any other teams w/green and gold?

    He reminded me about the Cornbelters. D’oh! (…Though I doubt that would be it!)

    That’s my best college try, anyway 🙂

  • DanO

    Though it looks like the Packers I have seen apparel out here in Oregon for the Ducks that I think is what she’s wearing.

  • Linda Parkyn

    She’s a Viking. I don’t care what she is wearing, she’s going to be a North Park Viking ole’ buddy! How adorable!

  • scotmcknight

    Linda, we’ll have to get Finley some blue and gold.

  • Ben

    Someone must really like the movie Invictus.

  • John W Frye

    The Pretzels!

    What a cutie is Finley Grace!

  • Elizabeth

    Banyana Banyana.

  • DRT

    My my my… I’m buying…..whatever it is.

  • Joe Canner

    What Blake #3 said.

  • pam w

    sasol gives it away…..banyana banyana…..beautiful time to get her into women’s ‘football’ ….. long live title 9

    and she is ridiculously cutel!!!!

  • T

    By the way, that is one seriously cute baby girl! Congrats grandpa!

  • Ryan S

    Banyana Banyana (South Africa’s Women’s Soccer Team)?

    She looks like she’s ready to take the pitch!

  • 🙂 So cute! I have no clue.

  • David Morgan

    Looks like the South African Spring Boks?

  • Graham

    South Africa Springboks Rugby team.

  • Scot McKnight

    Well, the South African (men’s) Springboks rugby team is the winner… we got this for Aksel years back and now Finley gets to wear it.

  • RobS

    Is it a bad time to say, “Go you Wallabies!”

    (* Sorry, my Australian mates wouldn’t let me cheer for the South Africans or the Kiwis! *)

    Awesome, congrats on the new arrival, we got our new arrival yesterday!

  • I have this jersey! Bought it on my trip to SA a few years ago. Go Springboks!

  • DRT

    Excellent. You bypassed T’s feed.

  • DRT

    RobS, Congrats! yours, or your kid’s?

  • Cheering for & wearing Bokkie’s uniform & colo(u)rs are safe, but getting old after playing rugby in SA isn’t for wimps. I see those old rugby hits relived in my 50+ year old hubby, almost every day & worse after traveling. ouch!! 🙂 Finley Grace is a cutie! Congrats, Scot & Kris, and to her dad, mom & big brother, too!