Google Privacy Policy

Google has a new privacy policy, some people are concerned, others are not, but I’m wondering who has looked into it and has something to tell us.

What do you think? An invasion of privacy?

From what I can tell Google is now indexing wherever we are using one of their services so they can tailor ads and the like toward a more accurate and complete picture of us.

Google Jan. 24 announced that it will aggregate 60 of its Web services under one single privacy policy.

Under this new policy, a user with a Google account who signs into Google’s search, YouTube, Gmail and other applications is treated as the same individual across all of those services, and data may be shared between those services. Consumers may not opt out of this change, which goes into effect March 1.


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  • Seems fine if all you want from online services is to make it easier for you to find the ‘version of Pink or Jaguar you’re searching for’ (the example’s cited in Google’s email), but this is precisely why Google News and Google Search, for example, are unreliable (I’ve long stopped visiting the former). Heed Tolkien here: ‘one policy’ to rule them all, one policy to find them, one policy to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

  • Oops and apologies for the typo. it should read ‘… the examples cited …’.

  • James

    Like it or not, is it not reasonable to expect that a single company offering multiple services is going to link your single login/id/info to your use of those multiple services? Why, for example, if you have Gmail, Youtube, Picasa, Reader, and Google Books would you not *expect* Google to link your use of these services to your single, common ID?

    That doesn’t mean I don’t have reservations and concerns about privacy, but I think the idea on its face of consolidating to one, single privacy policy is just common sense. Did anyone really prefer reading dozens and tracking the differences?

  • Jeremy

    So Google is going to share information with Google? Ohnoes! Storm in a tea cup, if you ask me. It makes sense for them to unify their services into a single account system and the info, which they already have, stays in-house. Facebook, with their tracking application (the one that lets you comment or tells you how many of your friends liked something) you see virtually everywhere, is far more concerning as it gives them data far beyond their own “borders.”

  • Brian

    I’m not concerned for google. I’m concerned for ME. As everything gets more and more taylored to what I want and like, my horizons shrink, my world becomes smaller, and I become more self-consumed.

    So I start saying to my friends and family, “Google, Facebook and Apple know what I want. Why don’t you?

  • If we don’t like it, don’t use the internet. Or find a way around Goggle. It really is that simple.

  • DRT

    They have a “do no harm” policy. What me worry?

    I am ambivalent. I have a professional conflict in this one.

  • DRT

    …I don’t work for google, I just am employed, on occasion, to find out information about all of you 😉

  • I agree with some of your commentators; it makes perfect sense for Google to streamline. Is “big brother” watching? No doubt he is. Am I going to worry myself over it? While I used to, I no longer do. In the words of Andy Dufresne (Shawshank Redemption), “Get busy living, or get busy dying.” Constant worrying about every little thing that comes along, which we ultimately have very little control over anyway, just keeps us from really living. That’s the way I see it anyway. Blessings 🙂

  • TriciaM

    Went to my Google dashboard yesterday and de-Googled my life a little.You can’t always delete accounts – like Blogger – but the “help” page suggests you just fill in false information in the required info sections so I did. For some reason that made me smile – pretty much an admission that once you’re in, they’ve got you because you can’t change the fact that the false names are forever linked to your gmail account.

    However, I like google as a search engine and gmail as a back-up email service. I just make sure that I always sign out of gmail before I start a search.

    Brian #5 – I completely agree with you about the narrowing. I’ve had a less than mature young Christian tell me that it seems like God is using his facebook page in a prophetic way because all the ads seemed to be telling him to go back to school. Teachable moment!

  • The new policies reminded of this somewhat recent “Ted Talk” by Eli Pariser:

  • Streamlining is fine. If they are really using information gleaned from one site to affect another (eg, generating search results based on what they think I’m interested in), they will not be as useful.

  • Fred

    This all reminds me of conversations we had about Rock-and-Roll when I was a teen. Rock could make you do things that you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Amazingly, we somehow survived.