Academic Jargon

From io9:

"This post resonates well with my young adult experience participating in lay witness missions, so ..."

Christian Conference Versus The Local Church
"Our society and culture is so disconnected as far as any sort of personal relationships ..."

Christian Conference Versus The Local Church
"I think Job's description was my favorite. Everyone knows what happens when you play country ..."

The Babylon Bee Non-Study Bible
"Just wondering if the BB Non-Study Biblical canon somehow got out of sync...Timothy before Thessalonians?"

The Babylon Bee Non-Study Bible

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  • Hope my students don’t see this. There goes about half my lecture content!

  • Joe Canner

    A slight variation on the last one:

    “Further studies are needed to…” == Gotta leave room for future funding opportunities, so no way are we going to admit that we’ve exhausted this topic.

  • Excellent; I won’t add any more; the list is endless…

  • Liz

    Adrian Plass would be proud of this list!

  • I love this! Now surely there is an adapted version called “Pastor Jargon.” Thanks!

  • … and that’s not half of the guff đŸ˜‰