This Guy Knows Coffee

Wow, Michael Symons has some serious writing here about “flat white” in New Zealand (Wellington).

Do they do a good “flat white” in Oz? Adelaide? Sydney?

As perfected in Wellington, a flat white is a double shot of espresso, making around 30ml in a 160ml, usually tulip-shaped cup, topped with carefully “textured” or “stretched” milk without “dry” (light, cappuccino) foam, and at a hot but not burning temperature. It is finished with “latte art”, showing the fern emblem, similar to the “rosetta” elsewhere. The secret is care with every step: high- quality arabica beans, not overly roasted, towards a week after roasting (and no more than 10 days), freshly ground; a clean machine, run for 25 to 30 seconds; starting with cold, full- cream milk; steaming that creates a vortex without bubbles; served immediately in a ceramic (never plastic or paper) cup.


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